Sunday, August 19, 2007

It's been a while!

Gosh, how time flies when you're busy! I just cannot believe that summer vacation is almost over! School will start for me, after a year and a half of health saga, on September 4th. That always stresses me out. Somehow I feel that I should be living and breathing school. I know it's not healthy, but that's my definition of a "good student". I'll be working on that new definition, incorporating some quilting in there for pleasure.

Despite my hectic week, I did manage to get some quilting done. I have finished the Pine Grove quilt. It is now at the flimsy stage, in the process of being machine quilted.

It took me a whole day to get the last borders in. I really can't figure that one out! My brain just wasn't activated and I made a few cutting errors. Luckily, I was able to use the wrong size strips for the binding. I recall having one of those moments when doing Carolyn's quilt! Focus is what I need or at least find the button to activate my brain when it's in that mode! lol

I picked up this magazine yesterday as a distraction. I thought I would use my Designer Plus software to make the quilt on the front.

Saturday afternoon I started working on the block. Wanting to multi task, I thought I could get one quilt going on it's own while I machine quilt the Pine grove quilt. Yea, yea I know! I'm into this "gotta get that UFO list down before the year is over " mode. Kim tells me that quilting is not a race! LOL I'm thinking that perhaps I can multi task. lol

This is it folks, the block! Don't mind the fabric, it's from my scrap bin! I digitized the pattern and came up with this version. Of course I did quite a bit a tweaking to get it just right, but it was well worth the effort. I decided to leave the middle out. Too much satin stitch for my taste.

I learn quite a bit about this fabulous software. It never seizes to amaze me what this baby can do. This method is called machine embroider applique and is quite easy to do. The machine will do the bulk of the work. You just cut out your pieces and place accordingly.

On the subject of Fun Mail!

Donna from Chookyblue sent me a little surprise a while back, a stitchery pattern. That was so sweet of her to think of me. I do think that hand embroidery is beautiful but I don't know that I can manage too many hobbies at the same time. I really don't understand how you gals manage all your various hobbies on Blog Land. Somehow they all seem to get done. Perhaps I need to stop being anal about finishing stuff and just do it because it's fun.

Of course I still think this is all a conspiracy to get me to start hand embroidering again. If that wasn't enough, look what I received in the mail the other day!

Yes, another beautiful stitchery pattern, this time from Wendy of Snippet of a Quilter.

You gals are just amazing, thank you so much. Now I must take on that hobby. I'm guessing that it is not as time consuming as hand applique. Perhaps that is why you are able to get your squares done in a reasonable amount of time.

But, it's been a while since I hand embroidered, perhaps I'm way off in the left field. Nonetheless, I will take the time to re-acquaint myself with this medium so that I can work on the gifts from my friends on Blog Land. Besides, perhaps it will be a good project to take along to school on those off moments!

Thank you for stopping by! Have a great day!


Libby said...

Stitcheries are such fun - especially because they are so portable . . . you can throw one in a bag or purse and just stitch every where *s* Love that new little bunny pattern.

Chookyblue...... said...

sabotage by me and Wendy don't you think.....guess great mids think alike so go and get that needle out....perfect projects to take along........

Sweet P said...

I'm not a student any longer (although I wish I was), but I started quilting again on September 4 three years ago and I look at that day as a new year of quilting. So I'll be going "back to school" with you.

Stitcheries are fun. I enjoy doing them because I can work on them in the car when DH is driving. I can work on them while watching football, baseball or golf with DH. I don't have a TV in my studio so having a stitchery allows me to make something and still spend some time with DH.

I think you are on the right track to bring to school with you. It would be a nice break from text books and papers.

Anonymous said...

Carole, stitchery is fun and relaxing. I love doing it by the tv at night. OH, when I'm not bloggin of course. I used to get more stitchin done but now it's more bloggin.
About the Australian mags I will see who it is I order from. I'm on auto ship with a shop to get all the Country Threads mags that come out. I love just having them show up. It's a shop in the states not abroad so postage is much better. I'll let you know who I get mine from.

Nan said...

You will fall in love with handwork all over again, I'm thinkin'! It's a nice change from sitting at the sewing machine. You can find a cozy spot, curl up and create - you can stitch quilt blocks!! LOL!
Love the bunny pattern - cute! Enjoy, Carole!!

Darlene said...

There's something about handwork that's incredibly relaxing! Just jump in - that bunny pattern is adorable!

Leigh said...

Carole you've been so busy.
I don't think embroidery is any quicker than appliqué, but it is more interesting as the colors change and you watch the pictures evolve.
It is so relaxing and something you can do sitting with the family in front of the telly of an evening or in the car.
Come on! Give it a go!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh man, I don't miss school at all! I"m glad I'm finally making the rounds and catching up!

Wendy said...

Jump right won't look back. Embroidery is a nice relaxing activity, you can take along and stitch when you have a few minutes in between classes. Have fun!

Unknown said...

So you will be in the stitchery group soon *VBS* I am not yet there.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I am constantly jumping from project to project... hand to machine, and so on. I am so thankful that I can do both; as so many have already commented, hand stitcheries are so portable when other projects simply aren't~ there's always something to do... no idle hands. You have some very special friends. Enjoy!

atet said...

Honestly -- the hand embroidery is easy, quick and portable. Besides, if you can make them into quilts and other quilt like projects is it really a NEW hobby or an extension of an existing one? Just trying to be helpful here!

swooze said...

Carole each time I read you are quilting on another quilt I think how fast you are and you certainly do inspire me. I know what takes me so long though. I procrastinate starting the process! I have a quilt I inherited to be finished and have had it for some time. I looked at it last night and it would not require much time or effort to finish. I just need to DO it!

I do love your Pine Grove quilt and look forward to a picture of the completed quilt!

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