Sunday, September 19, 2021

Feng Shui ... is it a thing in a quilting studio?

 I must admit, I have not been in the mood to quilt ... not one bit! Well, not since I started working from home. Not even a dead line; a project to complete for today's Sew we Gather group, got me into my creative space. First time in years that I will be showing up empty handed ... Sigh!

You see, I set up my office in my quilting studio ... I even converted one of my sewing desks into a working desk. Yes, poor Bernie 180 is sitting on the floor next to her desk.

The first thing I see when I walk into my sewing studio is my work desk and I'm wondering if that has an effect on the Feng Shui ... the creative energy of the room.

Keeping the work desk in mind, my creative area has become a dumping ground for computer/monitor boxes all lined up under Penelope. I mean, work energy is everywhere in that room. 

Some people have their working area in their bedroom, not me. I like my intimacy and besides I don't want to be reminded of work when I go to bed. As for another room in my home, not really an option. I don't want a working area in my living room. That is where I sit to knit! lol

I've been giving this some thought and thinking that perhaps re-arranging the room might be an option to get the creative energy flowing. Maybe if I put the work desk at the end of the room by the closet, where my UFOS projects in waiting are. This way, walking into my studio the first thing I'll see is the shelf and not my work desk.

Of course just the thought of moving all that computer equipment makes me want to sit on the couch and continue knitting. LOL

What's your thought on the situation? Are any of you facing this challenge?

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Soulfulness ...

 I've been in a quiet reflective mood ... A baking/cooking mood. There's something about being in my kitchen, prepping, cooking, baking that feeds my soul ... settling my soul in quiet solitude, as the world goes Covid crazy ... yet again! Our stats are way up, despite the increase number of vaccinated people. I give up! If you need me, you'll find me hiding in my kitchen ... hanging on to my peace.

Last weekend I gave baking Pita another try. If you recall, I made my first attempt way back in March 2020. In all honesty, I stink at Pita making. 

They may look good in the picture, but they did not open very well. So when life gives you Pitas that stinks, you turn them into Pita chips!

Oh, and they are delicious! Even better on the third day! I used kosher salt, next time I'll use a finer salt.

I also did a flat bread recipe from the King Arthur site. The recipe can be found here. I cooked them on a cast iron skillet. They turned out lovely. I think I don't stink at flat breads! lol
They freeze wonderfully and thaw in no time. Great with soups etc. You can even toast them if you'd like. Definitely a staple in my freezer.

Hope all is well with you. Catch you all later! Cheers!
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