Monday, February 22, 2010

Well, still no snow in our neck of the woods! We've had very little snow this winter, it's frightening!

Gosh, I'm in the mood for a good snow fall. You know, the kind every State that's not suppose to have so much snow is having! It would be nice if they shared! ;o)

I WANNA be able to fill my pool in May! Come on, share the snow! lol ;o)

On the quilting front, I've been plugging away at the Hocuspocusville quilt by Crabapple Hill Studio.

Block 3 - Bubble & Brew Coffee shop!

I just love the fly through! ;o)

I lost count of how many blocks I have left to do.

I'd like to finish that quilt before Halloween of 2010. I love Halloween!

I'll just keep plugging away!

Summer Rose block from the Baltimore Country Cousin is done.

Hummm...... I do see something I want to fix on it! Strange how I didn't see it before the picture was taken. Oh well!

I have 2 blocks left to do in order to complete the quilt. It will be nice to have all the blocks finished. It's actually one of my first large hand applique projects!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

For Fairy Oz!

Do you believe in fairies? I certainly do.... and Sprites too! Remember, I think they are responsible for taking my silver thimble amongst other things.....!

This is our Fairy Swing!

It is called that because, you see that big old oak tree? Gosh, it has to be more then 150 years old (that's how old my home is). It is quite a majestic tree. That, my friends, is where our Fairies live!

This is their front entrance! Of course, it could be a back entrance, who knows with Fairies! ;o)

There isn't much activity going on as it is quite cold.

Fairies are more active in the summer time, when the weather is nice and warm. ;o)

They love to garden! Around the oak tree, there are a few wild flowers growing during the summer months. It's really the only place I have wild daisies! I love daisies!

Here is a close up of their front entrance.

The reason it's off the ground is to keep the animals and other creatures out! As you know, Fairies fly! No need for stairs! ;o)

This is on the other side of the oak tree.

There's a tree mushroom growing. It would be quite big had it not been for our pesky neighbour kicking it off last summer.

So there you have it Fairy Girl, that's where our Fairies live.


Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, February 8, 2010

I'm still here......!

I seem to have lost my mojo for blogging. Well, for a lot of things as of late! I'm thinking it's because I am working too much. What's that quote from the movie The Shining, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy". Not that I've ever seen the movie.... well okay, back in the early 80's I went on a date with this guy who took me to see the movie. Hum... I'm dating myself....

As some of you might know, I do not handle horror very well. As a matter of fact, to give you an idea of my fear level, I was scared watching ET The Extra Terrestrial. Within the first five minutes or so of the Shining, I walked or was that ran out of the movie theater. He stayed to watch the whole thing, didn't even come out to see what I was up too! I cannot remember his name, not that it matters because I wasn't interested in seeing him again! lol Wow, what a digression.... lol

It's been quite the week. My weekend was spent cleaning my home, including my sewing room. It's my way of mourning, clean everything! I do have a nice clean house, always a good thing!

On the quilting front, I want to show you a quilt I made not only for my swap partner Sandy from OH, but also for myself.

This is Crow meets Jack!

The pattern is called Jack at the Gate by Jan Patek.

It is machine pieced, machine appliqued using the Moda fabric line Blessings, designed by Brannock & Patek.

This is the fabric I used on the back of both quilts. It was a special gift that I received in June 2007 from Connie of Cootie Bug 2.

Isn't it just perfect?!? I just love that fabric! Thank you again Connie for the sweet gift!

I'm off to do a bit of hand applique. I'm working on a Jo Morton, Little Womens' Club piece. Have a great day and thank you for stopping by!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Goodbye Midnight...!

Came home from my hand appliqué class and found a black clump in the middle of the road, not far from our drive way. Stopped the car to take a look and it was Midnight!

I cannot believe that he's gone. We are all so sad. Stephen picked him up, I was hoping he was still alive, but no.

I feel so badly. What do you say to a child who has lost her first pet? He was so young, barely 3 years old! I wish people didn't drive so fast on residential roads!

He will be missed! Goodbye you little Stinker!
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