Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What's up doc.....?!

Well, I haven't been much of a socializer as of late. I've pretty much been keeping to myself, allowing my hermit persona to take over! lol

What have I been up too as of late, you might ask?

Last week, Jennifer forced me to book a play date with Penelope. lol We hadn't played in a long time!

She needed the quilt pronto so that she could have enough time to sew on the binding.

It was nice to play with Penelope. As for Jennifer's company, it was alright, I guess! LOL Just kidding!

After this quilt, I did load one of my quilts, Alex's pond, which I really should finish sewing the binding soon..... but I digress.....

On the surprise front, I did get lots of fun mail !

My friend Cheryl from Oz sent me this gorgeous pair of black ugg boots! Yippeers, the real McCoys! lol Gosh, are they nice and comfy! Never mind that they keep my feet super warm! lol

Cheryl has become such a dear friend. We met on the newsgroup, many moons ago. I think we're close to 5 (five) years if not more! She is a wealth of information. I'm always picking her brain! And not just on the subject of quilting. lol

I've never met her in person but hope to one day. She is a blessing and such a generous heart! She also sent a pair of ugg boots to dd. Now we're both styling! lol

As for Stephen, she didn't want for him to feel left out, so she sent him packages of Tim Tams! Now, if you haven't had a Tim Tam, you don't know what you're missing. Come on over and we'll do some Tim Tam slams! ;o)

Today, I received these goodies from Sharon.

Check out that bag! It's absolutely gorgeous. And you know what, she actually expects me to use it! lol I love the fabric.

She must have known I had a cold because she sent not 1 (one) but 2 (two) packs of tissues! lol I'm telling you, I'm blowing my nose in style! lol Thank you again Sharon, you made my day!

This week, I played with my embroidery machine. With all that interior decorating going around Blog Land, I thought I would see if I could find a decorating gene in my pool! lol I'm looking to embellish my bathroom with some fancy dandy hand towels!

So, I've been experimenting with different towels. You'd be amazed at what's out there! I did learn to stay away from flour sack towels. What a mistake! They are thinner than a pillow case and never mind that they need ironing after washing! I suppose that I could hand embroider on them, but I do NOT need another hand project! lol

I like the way this one turned out! I used the same blue that's on my wallpaper. I sort of have that French Provincial look going on!

These towels come from William Sonoma - I love that store!

They feel really nice to the touch. I do wish I could find towels of similar quality elsewhere. When you add shipping and all it gets a tad pricey! Oh well... c'est la vie!

As you can read, not much excitement going on in my neck of the wood!

Thank you for stopping by! Keep well!

Friday, December 5, 2008

We interrupt your current program ...!

School is not going according to plan. On Tuesday I was diagnosed with a kidney infection and spent the day at the hospital undergoing various tests. I decided to postpone my exam until Monday. I'm hurting and I wanted the antibiotics to take effect before I write such a stressssful exam. You cannot begin to imagine how I am looking forward to no more guilt ridden quilting. lol

On a quilting note, a while back Wendy, from Snippet of a Quilter, sent me some lovely goodies in the mail, one of which was a charm pack of Sandy Gervais' Merry & Bright. Such bright fun fabrics! During my trip to Pennsylvania, I found the perfect pattern for it!

Tah... dah...! My first time working with charm squares! I started this project during my quilting retreat!

The pattern is called Delightful #381 by Pieces from my Heart. It's so bright and cheerful!

Notice how it is completed!

Yeap, not only did I work to get it done, it also has a label. Why you might ask?

Well, it's a gift for a friend. There's nothing like a dead line to get things rolling. lol I hope s/he will like it.

Aside from Holly Jolly, not much quilting has been going on. I haven't even had play dates with Penelope. Sigh!

A while back a wonderful lady from Ohio sent me some quilt tops to practice my machine quilting, with the only stipulation that they be given to charity. An offer I could not resist!

I did manage to machine quilt 2 (two) of the quilt tops, one of which I neglected to photograph. Both have found a home amongst the elderly.

Thank you again Sheila for your generosity. I have one more to quilt, but it will have to wait until school is done.

Thank you for your visit. I always enjoy reading your comments.

Have a wonderful day!
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