Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Summer day!

Life as been busy as of late. I've been playing Taxi Mom since Monday. DD is doing a week long soccer camp with Plattsburgh State from 8:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. It's a busy morning for her.

Dh, being the mathematician, calculated the cost per day should I do a up and down drive, which amounts to $12.00 in gas a day. In order to reduce the cost, he suggested that I stay in Plasttburgh for the duration of the soccer camp. Needless to say, I don't think we've been saving money.

So, staying in Plattsburgh means that I've got to keep busy for 4 (four) hours. I'm really not the shopping type but if forced too, I can certainly do it. Monday I went to Dick's with the intension of buying a spare bathing suit for dd. I ended up buying myself a spare bathing suit instead. A Speedo one piece cost $62.00 regular price. They were having a half off sale. What a deal! The rest of the time I read.

Tuesday I went to Borders for a quiet place to read in their Cafe. It didn't turn out to be so quiet. This lady, who appears to be a regular as I saw her today, wanted to chat. Once some one else came in, I was relieved of my listening duties. I took the opportunity to make a quick exit, but not before I purchased a book. So that's $15.00

Today I went shopping for a pair of running shoes. My old one gave out on me last night while I was doing a power walk. Seems they've been sitting in the closet for way to long. Since I'm shopping, I might as well look for some summer clothing. Once I tried on something, I became aware that I had lost weight. I'm a size less! WOW So I congratulated myself by buying a few more things. All and all I think I spent $180.00 today. Oh and dh asked if I would pick up a whatchamacall it for the aquarium, that was $5.00. I finished the time at Borders and read the book I bought on Tuesday. I stayed away from the area that lady sits! lol

Lucky for dh, I've been avoiding the quit store! lol Perhaps it would be cheaper if I did an up and down! ;o) ROTFL

On the quilting front, I've been plugging away at that 2,112 piece quilt, the corn and bean. The blocks are done and ready to be assembled. I've also sewn on the frame around the tree quilt. I haven't touched the In the Pink one yet!

Last night a friend of mine came over for a small quilting bee, which allowed me to work on a block from the Wildberry quilt.

It's a beautiful day in Upstate NY, which begs for outside activities. Perhaps I ought to test my new bathingsuit! lol

Have a great day every one!


Leigh said...

Sounds like soccer camp is turning into an expensive exercise. Might have been cheaper to commute :-)

Chookyblue...... said...

just saw your label..blah blah....had a giggle to self......tell husband fuel budget is busted.......must lose weight so I to can go on a summer shopping spree when that time comes around......I am hiding under the winter layers at the moment........

Anonymous said...

So when do ya model that new speedo. LMAO!!!!!!!! I hate bathing suits. I wish they still had the ones that covered our whole body.

Wendy said...

It seems saving money actually costs more money. It's fun to get some new things for no particular reason.
Enjoy the warmer days outside.

Melanie said...

I love calculating how many pieces are in quilt blocks. It always sounds like a magnificent feat to put them together. I think your husband would have gotten off easy if you'd come home every day. I kept reading, thinking, she's got to find a quilt shop. I guess that what every quilter thinks when they live over an hour from one. You can order on line, but you just can't "feel the fabric".

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