Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Connecting memories ....!

Many moons ago I wrote a blog entry on threads and talked about how I had inherited my maternal grandmother's thread collection.  As a quilt shop owner, I am still perplexed when customers inform me that they need to buy new thread because their collection is too old or "has expired".  Hum ....

For the record, thread does not have an expiry date.  If you take good care of your thread, that is, you keep it out of the sun etc .... there is no reason why it shouldn't last.

Today, I am hand stitching the binding on a quilt to be used as a sample for the shoppe and guess what I'm using?  My grandmother's thread.

As I stitch the binding, I think of my grandmother, Yvonne, and how I miss her so much.  I am reminded of her many talents and joie de vive.

Quilting for me is a way to reconnect with the past.  Some memories are personal and some are not.  When I use reproduction prints, I think of the women from that era and the joys and hardships they endured.  Their daily motto of make do or make without, something that is foreign to many of us today!

As I piece a quilt for someone, that individual is constantly on my mind.  The quilt becomes imbued with memories and personal energy.  When I look at that project, the stories come to mind, the same way the thread evokes memories of my grandmother.  Every quilt has a story!

This is a reminder for me to take the time to enjoy the process.  It's not a race or contest of "how many projects can I complete" but more of a slowing down and enjoying the quilt story as it unfolds and evolves with every stitch.

How is your quilt story coming along?
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