Saturday, October 24, 2009

My new designer wall......!

I broke down and bought one of those portable designer wall. My sewing room is so limited in wall space that a fixed designer wall was not a functional option. Of course, once we build an addition to the addition, I'll be able to claim DH's work space and will have plenty of wall space, but until then........!

I bought Cheryl Ann's Design Wall, it's portable and a Free Standing designer wall. It comes in three (3) sized: Portable 36" x 36, Mid-size Portable 54" x 54" and Full size 72" x 72.

I purchased the largest one, the full size, which you now see pictured.

It comes in a black sack that reminds me of a tent pouch! As a matter of fact, putting it together is pretty much like putting a tent up! lol So, be prepared to have things fall on you if you're putting it up solo! LOL

It's certainly not portable in the sense that you can move it as a unit. It's stable enough to hold your block but if you try to move it, it's really not sturdy. You would need two (2) people to move it, otherwise be prepared to have it fall apart. Ask me how I know? lol

I've place some huge blocks on it. It's from my Women of Influence quilt. These blocks are 24" x 24" and the flannel is barely gripping the blocks. I had to hold the frame as I press the blocks unto the flannel. These blocks are huge and heavy as they include the sashing, however with normal size blocks, I would think it wouldn't be an issue.

To help stabilize the unit, I tied the two back poles together in the center. It really helped and kept it from falling apart as I placed the support bars.

I used selvage in this case. I keep strips in a ball and use in in our garden to stabilize tall plants. In this case, it worked for the wall! ;o)

Word of advise, wipe your bars with a rag before assembling the unit. They were filthy, probably some residue from the black paint/product used on the bars. I was thankful I noticed it before putting it together. I could just imagine how dirty the white flannel would look!

I'm pleased with this designer wall and would certainly recommend it to anyone who doesn't have wall space. However, I find the price a tad steep. I mean, I could buy a nice tent for five (5) people on Amazon for close to the same price! lol Perhaps, that's not a fair comparison!

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!
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