Saturday, August 31, 2013

Labor day ... already...!

Where has the month of August went?  I just cannot believe that September is right around the corner.  

The renovations are coming along, slowly.  The floors are done and the paint is on the wall.

Love how that floor turned out!  As for the colour, I choose Summer Shower by Benjamin Moore.  Love how it turned out.  It feels good being in the room.

The built in armoire is coming along nicely.

And the plumbing/heating needs to be taken care of and my favourite brother, as he likes to be referred, is coming down this weekend to work on it.

We do not allow DH to touch plumbing.   There is just something about plumbing that does not agree with DH, perhaps a personality conflict would best describes it.  lol So in the interest of everyone's well being, I do not allow him to touch it.  ;o)

I am eager to get in my new sewing studio.  Once the above are taken care, I can start moving in.  Yea.....!

On the quilting front, I've been working on a new block of the month to be offered by Fibre Junction called Hampton Ridge designed by Red Crinoline.  The fabrics, designed by Paula Barnes for Marcus Fabrics, are beautiful.  Here's a peak at the first month's blocks!


The blocks measure 7.5" finished!  I love small blocks!  

How is the new "reader" working out for you?  I seem to have a difficult time getting used to the ones I am presently testing.  Change is not always good! Sigh!

 Thank for stopping by.  

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Still here.... just quiet....!

It's been a rough few weeks, but I things are starting to settle a bit.

Life as been a series of unfortunate events ...

As for the renovations, they are coming along nicely.  The floor has been sanded...

The new windows are in and polyurethane has been applied.

I do love how that floor is turning out!  I'm really anxious for my sewing studio to be completed.  I miss my own space!

On the quilting front, I would like to share a quilt from one of my Prairie Women Sewing Circle, a Club program I host at Fibre Junction.

This is from Journey 3 and is called Windy Hill Farm (designed by Pam Buda of Heartspun Quilts).

I don't particularly like this quilt.  It is certainly not in my "usual" colours, but it was one of those projects where I "pushed the envelop" the "comfort zone" so to speak.

Except for the sashing, it is made entirely with scraps and left overs from other projects.  The pinwheels are the triangles left from the construction of flying geese.  The 9 patch, I used whatever was in the scrap bin.

This quilt, to me, epitomizes the "make do" concept.  I used what I had, without particular attention to colour  or pattern preference.  In other words, I made it work!

Although it is not a favourite quilt of mine, what I do cherish is the understanding I gained from working with what I had and nothing more.  This is what our fore-mothers did before fabric became accessible in abundance.  They could not afford to stress over colour choices and/or fabrics patterns, nor were they able to run to the nearest quilt shop to buy more fabric.  They made it work!

I am truly grateful for the lessons I learn and for the abundance of fabric choice and quilts shops! lol

Thanks for stopping by!
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