Monday, April 24, 2017

Scrap quilting .... cutting one, two, three quilts at a time!

I am presently working on the flying geese quilt I mentioned back on March 23, 2017. The goal of that quilt was to use up my 1930's scraps.

So, I started by pulling out my bin of 1930's scraps and began cutting.

It took me quite some time to clean that bin out because, as I was cutting for the flying geese project, the thought occurred to me that I could make a bag of one (1) inch squares from the left over scraps for another 1930's project that I'm interested in making ... Isn't this how every quilter's mind works?

Because of the number of pieces I needed for the flying geese quilt, it became apparent that scraps were not going to do it. I needed to cut into my stash .... resulting in more scraps! So much for wanting to reduce my scrap load!

To make this project less daunting to piece, I created 17 bags of 100 rectangles and 17 bags of 200 squares. This way, when I'm ready to stitch out the blocks, I can grab a package of each and voila, I'm on my piecing way!

Once I had cut up the 5,100 pieces of fabric I needed for this quilt ... being in the cutting zone ... why not start cutting for another project?

So, I pulled out my Lori Holt stash .... Such happy fabrics!

And started cutting for a pattern from her Scrappy Project Planner - Happy Trails Quilt

BTW, this is such a great planner! It is so happy and as you know I'm all about happy! lol

So there you have it! A piece of how my mind works .... hum ..... I am all over the place! SQUIRREL!

Catch you later!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Mud ... Glorious Mud!

Here in the way northeast, I can see Canada from my house, we call spring - mud season!

Quick thaw followed by lots of rain leads to ...

Yea, it's billy boot time! 

Excuse me while I go play in the mud!

Catch you later! Cheers!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Quilting gods were in a favourable mood!

Have you ever made a mistake on a project and were just so furious that you had to get that quilt out of your sight? Well I have .....

Last December after I returned from my trip to Boca Raton, I became ill. I seriously did not know how weak I was until I made an attempt to piece the backing of the Snippet quilt, a quilt top I had blogged about back in June 2016. I knew I wasn't well enough for a play date with Penelope, but hey piecing a back was a piece of cake, so I thought!

When I piece a backing, I always rip my fabric, thus ensuring that everything is on grain. I needed 2 pieces of 2.5 yards each. I snip in the middle, on the fold, and proceed to rip .... I cannot for the life of me rip that fabric ... more snipping .....

In a moment of desperation I place two fingers from each hand in the snipped hole and begin to pull ..... %#&%^ I ripped the right fabric piece across the fold/middle and not selvage to selvage!!!!!

To say I was fuming is an understatement. I ruined 2.5 yards of fabric!!!!! I threw the backing in a corner and ignored it. Out of sight, out of mind!

Well, you can only ignore fabric in a corner for so long. Fast forward three (3) months and by then I had gathered enough patience to tackle the backing again. Yea, I purchase another 2.5 yards of fabric!

The quilt measures 92 inches, therefore I needed to piece a section on the back. I had a couple of extra blocks left over from the quilt and used those as part of the backing.

Given the fiasco, I was totally surprised that the backing went together so well. I figured I should use that positive energy to my advantage and loaded up Penelope ...

Hum, maybe the machine quilting stars are aligned?

... And Voila! The Snippet quilt is all done!

I just love this quilt. I have become such a retro fan ... bright and happy that's how I like it!

If you are interested in making this gorgeous quilt, Fibre Junction has only one (1) kit left. Check out our website here for full details.

Thanks for stopping by my little corner in cyber space! Catch you later! Cheers~!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Weather you like it or not ...!

As you all know, I love snow! I know, I know, I'm presently a minority! lol

We were expecting snow and with the temperatures being above 34F (2C) I really didn't think the weather forecast would be accurate .... but I was happy to be wrong!

The standard backyard shots ... the Barn and Fort Gunther

The drive into Fibre Junction was absolutely beautiful. Down the street from me.

On my way ....

 And then, I just had to stop .... take in the beauty of Mother Nature.

I was in awe .... it's like a postcard or Christmas card scene

Mother Nature never does anything mediocre .... She puts in all of her best .... I am just in peak state at the moment from the beauty of it all.

I wish you a marvelous day! Namaste!
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