Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Chookyblue Zoom time ....

 On Monday, I had a wonderful opportunity to zoom sew with quilters from across this beautiful planet. It was great to meet new quilters. We chatted as we worked on our projects.

Wow! Looking at the picture and noticing how long my hair is .... Covid hair I guess! lol

Gosh, I came on at 2:00 pm and left around 10:00 pm EST. I worked on an EPP project, Star Quilt. As you can imagine I managed to get quite a bit sewn ... Progress is a good thing! 


I've been plugging away. I'm really enjoying working on this project.

Hoping you are finding time to relax and work on your favourite projects. Catch you all later! Cheers!

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Quilting Mojo ...

 Well, I think I may have found a bit of my quilting mojo. Last Sunday I decided that I "should" work on a quilting UFO. Let's face it, I'm quite a scatter brain at the moment ... no sense starting a new project only to get distracted ... Squirrel!

I went searching in my UFO bin and pulled out an English Paper Piecing (EPP) project I had started way back in 2016. The Project is called Star Quilt and it's from the book Modern Vintage Gifts by Helen Philipps.

I used the fabric line Sew Cherry 2 by Lori Holts. Love Retro/Vintage fabrics!

Since the stars were all sewn, it was just a question of laying it out on the design wall and get stitching.

For me, the most annoying part about hand stitched a quilt is, how do I keep my project portable while maintaining the order of the blocks? I found that numbering flower pins works. I use a permanent marker to label the pins.

 I first started to use this method for machine piecing rows of blocks. The number with the arrow are the row indicators, as well as the direction I'll press the seams. The other numbers are for the blocks sequence. This method keeps me from having to walk to my design wall and grab one block at a time. I've been using this method for years and it has never failed me!

With each row in a separate bag ... I'm ready to be portable! lol 

The quilt top ... so far!

Thanks for stopping by my little corner in cyberspace. I do hope you find my quilting tips helpful!

Catch you all later ... Cheers!

Friday, January 15, 2021

Monday, January 11, 2021

2020 ... the year of an unfocused mind!

 Well, it doesn't look like 2021 it going to get better. I don't know about you but I'm emotionally, spiritually and psychologically exhausted. 

Last year, gosh that sounds like a long time, I worked with scraps from a quilt I had made for Pumpkin and created a couple of small quilts. I didn't have much scraps left for another one, so I thought I would create this little quilt.

I made a few mistakes cutting the borders. Once on the inner border and twice on the outer border. I said screw it (that's really not what I said, but I'm trying to keep this clean lol) ... and did corner stones instead. Shaking my head .... 

Well I do hope you are enjoying a more focused existence. I'm looking forward to getting back to my normal self ... what ever that will be in 2021 ... who knows! lol

Catch you all later! Cheers!

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