Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Time for a give away....!

I've been a busy bee, working on some of those projects bins I blogged about a few weeks ago. I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful it feels to complete a project. It's the perfect motivation! I mean, I feel full of energy and pep, ready to tackle the next bin. Maybe even start a new project! ;o)

On the finish front, I have been working on The Circuit Rider's Quilt - An Album Honoring a Beloved Minister by Jenifer Dick. It's a needleturn applique class I'm teaching at the Shoppe.

The block is called Album Leaf. There are a couple of variations that I'm presently working on.

I decided to use some of my scraps from the Women of Influence quilt.

I'm not a scrap collector and therefore am always looking to use any left overs as soon as I can.

I really admire people who are able to work with scraps. Unless I can use them within a reasonable time frame in another project, I give them away to a good cause.

This is the Cornerstone Flower.

The leafs and center bulb are fabrics from the newest Judy Rothermel collection, The Civil War Tribute, from Marcus Bros. What a sweet line of fabrics they are. I do plan on incorporating more of that line in future blocks. For the circles, I did use scraps.

I realize that I have not been as diligent about blogging and I do want to apologize. So to make up for my lack, it's time for a give away.

Remember that quilt I finished a while back? You can view it here.

The pattern was called Stars Aligned by Cozy Quilt Designs.

Well, I have a kit prepared for you. The size of the quilt is 53" x 68" (Throw size).

All of the fabrics, except inner border and corner stones, come from the Moda line; Glace by Three Sisters.

The blueish fabric that you see is called Grunge Blue, also a Moda designed by Basic Grey.

There you have, the prize to be given away.

So, leave a comment on this blog entry and you will be entered in the give away.

The dead line is April 10, 2010. Good luck!

Thank you for stopping by and for your patience with my lack of posting. Cheers!

Monday, March 8, 2010

All gone ....!

Well, we did finally get some snow but alas it is gone. Today, I am enjoying a beautiful spring day! I love spring!

Recently, I've sat myself down and had a talk with my self. I said,

"self, you need to get organized. You seem overwhelmed, frozen on the spot, not knowing which pile you should tackle first. You're like a candle in the wind, blowing at which ever direction the wind sends you."

That, is so not me!

After my little talk, I decided that it was time I finish some way over due projects. You see, I bought myself some nifty little stackable bins. They even have a carry handle. The problem you might ask?

It wouldn't be so bad if this was the only stack of projects I've got going on.....

But I have two (2) more piles, and they don't all have just have one (1) projects inside!!!

It's almost gotten to the point of addiction. I mean, should I be starting out the post with, "hello, my name is Carole and I have an addiction to anything related to quilting......"

This is my most recent one! It's a huge bin, I rationalized purchasing it with the idea that I would keep my thread collection in it once emptied.

Have I mentioned another addiction of mine, thread, but I digress...

Anyway, the bin contains a new hand appliqué project, The Circuit Rider Quilt.

It's actually for a hand applique class I started to teach at the Shoppe last week!

I knew that buying more Art bins was not a viable solution, so I decided that I had to finish a project and empty a bin.

So, this is what I chose

The quilt pattern is Stars Aligned by Cozy Strip Club. It's a queen size quilt!

I've just recently finished hand sewing the binding. I used Matilda's own wool batting with silk. My friend Cheryl from Oz sent it to me. What a sweet batting it is.

I do love Matilda's own and, I have found a supplier for the Shoppe. Wool is so nice for those cold winter nights! According to my friend Cheryl, Aussie wool is the best! ;o) I have to say that so far, it's the one I like the most! At least, I haven't had any surprises like I did with Hobbs!

What a relief it was to have finally finished something from one of those bins. Of course, no sooner was the bin empty, it was refilled again with yet another project that "needs" to get done for someone! Sigh!

Note to self, "self, no longer accept commissions to make quilts!"

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your day! Cheers!
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