Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have so much to be grateful! Thank you for being a part of my cyber family! Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration!

Enjoy the abundance in your life!  Cheers!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Fall Market 2015 ... some Saturday Evening Highlights!

This post certainly "should" have been written back in October .... but you know how it is?

I have to keep reminding myself that this blog is about enjoying the adventure, so no posting stress allowed! lol

I had the privilege of attending Moda's 40th anniversary dinner and sat with two lovely ladies. Okay, they are one of my favourite, favourite fabric and pattern designers. Meet Alma Allan and Barb Adams of Blackbird Designs.

I'm sure you can tell how unhappy I was to have my photo taken with these beautiful ladies! lol What great dinner conversations we had!

The anniversary party was a blast, I even had a chance to meet another of my favourite pattern and fabric designer. Can you guess who it is?

Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings!

That evening, I sent this picture to Diane, a friend of mine, (Primitive Gatherings also happens to be one of her favourite designers) and mentioned "Guess who I'm with?" Diane's reply was "your sister?" I laughed hysterically!

Moda puts on a great party! Great food, great company and lots of dancing ... what more could one ask for?!

Thanks for stopping by my little corner of cyberspace! Enjoy your day!

Catch you later!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Happy Birthday to me...!

Today is my birthday. Hard to believe that I have been on this earth 56 years. My, how time flies! Seems not to long ago, I was enjoying the carefree attitude of a child!

My life, thus far, as certainly been interesting. Nothing I would have ever dreamed in a million years! Funny how that is. You think you have it all figured out, a life course well planned out and BAM ... On a different path you go!

I can honestly say that I no longer know where I am headed, not even sure it's important anymore. I seem to have taken the attitude of "going with the flow". I think age does that to you... well it did to me!

Sunday, I visited a friend, Loretta, in Montreal and she surprised me with a birthday celebration!

Today, I had a surprise visit from my mum, brother and his wife. They drove all the way from Montreal and brought lunch for us to enjoy at Fibre Junction! What a fun way to celebrate a birthday! Received lots of phone calls, (my little Pumpkin called and made it that much more special), cards, gifts and e-mails (from friends and fellow farmgirls)!

I am truly blessed!

I can say with honesty that 2015 turned out to be a good year to celebrate my birthday! Thank you to all that made it special, you know who you are!

Happy birthday Carole! :D

I'm grinning alright! Cheers!
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