Friday, September 23, 2016

It can happen to anyone .... !

Well, it finally happened to me. After 20 years of quilting, I've had my first semi serious quilting accident ... all because I wanted to push my 60mm rotary blade to its max ...

I pressed so hard on the fabric that the rotary cutter flew off the edge of my ruler and hit my index finger ... OUCH! ... It's a deep cut, but not deep enough for stitches! I lost a pint of blood!!!! Ok, I'm exaggerating but ..... Change that dull rotary blade!!!

Seriously, I was lucky this time .... it could have been worse!

On a happy note, since I was having so much fun stitching My Little Home, I decided to start on the next one .....

It's called My Little Year ..... I have just a few more blocked to stitches and it's onward to the piecing of the quilt!

It's going to be a busy weekend for me. I'm not sure I'll get the change to finish the blocks ... we'll see ... Miracles do happen! ;)

Thanks for stopping by! Don't forget to change that dull rotary blade!!!!

Catch you later!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

We have a partial finish .....!

I had way to much fun stitching out My Little Home quilt.  So much so, that we have a finish! Check this out!

I'd like to share with you how easy the stitched blocks were to make using a new to me ruler.  It's a Creative Grid ruler and is called Quick Trim Ruler . It allows you to cut a 45 degree angle which includes the seam allowance. You would use the Quick Trim Ruler to make any block that requires stitching from one corner to another such as flying geese, binding etc....

You align the 45 degree white lines as such:

The black dashed line is your quarter inch seam allowance. Using the white 45 degree lines (aligned with the top of the block and the side of the square) as well as the dashed black line (making sure that it lines up with the corners of your square), you are now ready to cut the excess.

Take the block to your sewing machine.  You are now using your Patchwork foot (1/4" foot) as a seam guide.

All stitched up from corner to corner.

Iron and voila! How easy is that?

Repeat for the remaining three (3) corners and your have your block.

You are now ready to piece your quilt together. In case you are curious about the green fabric, Kim Diehl - Heritage Hollow.

I just love the Quick Trim Ruler for these types of block. The ruler works with any block requiring a 45 degree sewing line from corner to corner. It's much easier to use your patchwork foot as a guide. Of course there other methods for making these types of block, but this one is my favourite.

Guess what I'll be doing tonight? Machine quilting this little gem! Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The World of Social Media ....!

Do any of you Tweet? Well, I do ... on occasions. You can find me at the following handles:  @fibrejunction and @ceridwen59.

When you own a business, there is a lot of pressure to be a part of the social media community ... they (the business gurus) keep reminding you of how important it is to have a presence ... everywhere!

I don't say much really .... Seriously, what is there to say? However, as long as it's effortless, I'm on it! lol

It's actually easy to list your blog post on/or multiple social media sites. Just look at the icon bars on the bottom left of your post (you can program it on your settings) and there it is .... Twitter, Facebook etc ... simply click on the social media site you would like your blog to appear and voila! Of course you have to have an account ... a minor technical detail. ;)

So naturally, I tweet my blog posts.  Would you believe I actually had a "like" from someone? Truth be known, I do not lead an exciting enough life to get "likes" but ... it's okay by me.  However, I am proud of this "like" ... Rare indeed! It's an Alien!

I've asked this question a while back "Do aliens quilt?" Perhaps I'm getting closer to an answer. If they are not quilters, they do read quilting blogs! lol

Excuse me while I search for my tin foil hat! lol

Thanks for stopping by my little corner in cyberspace .... No Borgs please!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

UFOs, Aliens .... oh my!

I continue to power walk/jog at least 5 days a week. The weather has been so nice! That is quite an accomplishment for me given that I have never been one to get "excited" about any form of exercise.

Last night, on my power/jog walk, I came across my first ever crop circle. Yes sir, a crop circle in small town America!

Not sure what these aliens are trying to say ... quite cryptic if you ask me ... No ... what? ... Is that even in English ... perhaps a word in a language I am not familiar? Nonetheless, there it is! lol

Well, I'm sure you've had enough excitement from a small town in America ... onward to UFOs!

I'm still focusing on those UFO lists ... one problem, I just cannot seem to decide which project to tackle next.

In the mean time, as a reward for completing two UFO projects, I started a new one! lol

I'm presently working on My Little Home, a pattern by Kathy Schmitz.

These little hand embroidery blocks are getting stitched in no time.  It's an adorable little quilt and I cannot wait to show you the finished quilt top. I have just a couple more blocked to stitch!

Thank you so much for stopping by my little corner in cyberspace.  Catch you later! Cheers!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Label it .... you own it...!

I hope you have all had a wonderful Labour Day Weekend. Myself, I ended up going in to Fibre Junction and working on the website, imputing Lecien Cosmo floss.  What a job!

Today, owning a small business requires lots of skills that I am positive our foremothers did not have to acquire. Anyway, by 3:30 p.m. I was crossed eyed and had to call it a day! Yea, I popped opened a bottle of wine and had a glass! Cheers!

I'm still on this "finish UFO" mode and completed Vintage Holiday - a Jo Morton quilt.

Not only did I finish the quilt but ..... I actually took Ancient Bernie out!

And ... Seriously, aren't you proud of me? lol

All of a sudden .... "SQUIRREL" .... and off I went into another direction, creating labels for completed quilts!  So far I have six (6) labels stitched out and sewn on .... Sigh! Not that it's a bad thing but ....

Focus Carole ... focus .... just focus ... back to completing UFOs!
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