Sunday, June 26, 2022


It's been a challenging couple of weeks. I apologize for not replying to your emails and comments. I do want to thank all that sent their heartfelt thoughts regarding Stella. I miss her so much. She was such a huge part of my life. The house feels empty. Sigh!

I have not been quilting ... haven't even given it a thought. When things are challenging, one of my methods of coping is ... cleaning/purging. And purging I have been. I have so much stuff! I don't think I'll live that long to use it all. Off it goes.

If I want to get back to the S.A.L. I do need to clean my cutting table. It has become a dumpling ground.

I guess now it's not about purging but cleaning up the dumping station! 

Off to get some tidying up done so that I can get motivated to work on the Churn Dash blocks. I still have ten (10) prints to cut up and then it's piecing time!

Cheers   !

Monday, June 13, 2022

R.I.P Stella

 You were an amazing companion. Always there for me. 

Ready to offer a helping paw.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

You are greatly missed.

Sunday, June 5, 2022

I made up my mind ...

 I've been thinking about the Churn Dash SAL and what size quilt/blocks I wanted to make. One thing I was certain, I wanted to use up some of my scraps. 

I've decided on the 9 inch block and a bed size quilt.

I pulled out my scrap bins and got to work sorting and cutting ... my goal? To reduce my scrap stash!
Since it's a scrappy look, I didn't think about the fabrics, placing myself in a 1850's frame of mind ... use what you have.

Then, I came upon this fabric ....

And I'm thinking ... "it's my last piece, I can't cut into it" ... "I can't get this fabric anymore" ... What is it about fabric that makes me one want to hang on to it? I seriously started to think about this ... "why do I want to save this last piece?" ... finally reasoned with myself ... instead of having a large piece of it, I'll have it safe in a quilt ... chop ... chop ... LOL

This is what I have cut up so far ... all the backgrounds for the 50 blocks ... I'm still missing a few prints for the blocks.

Now, I'm just making sure the colours are balanced out. Do like what I have so far ... and I didn't even think about the colour choices ... just cut! ;)

Are you participating in Chookyblues Churn Dash SAL? If so, how are you coming along?

Thanks for stopping by. Catch you all later?

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Zoom ... Zoom ... Chookshed party

 It was a hectic work night ... short staffed, busy as all heck ... I didn't think I was going to make it to Chookyblue's zoom party. But after a way too long work night, I finally said enough is enough .... 2:00 am (ET) I turned off my work computer.

Went downstairs, made myself a drink and joined the party ... Chookshed's 10th Anniversary Celebration!

It was great catching up with everyone. I so enjoy these zoom gatherings. I find them inspiring. 

Thank you Donna for hosting these ... Happy Anniversary!

Friday, May 27, 2022

UFO reduction mode

 After the "Next Door Neighbor" semi completion/flimsy stage, I decided to pull out another project to work on. Many many many moons ago (May 2010) I started Trick or Treat by Blackbird Designs. I just love that quilt.  It's from the book When the Cold Wind Blows

I must have been in a block prep mood before I put the project way because I have lots and lots of basket prepped and ready to machine appliqué ... Bonus!

I quickly got to work and started machine appliquéing
I will admit, it gets a tad tedious machine appliquéing baskets after baskets, which is probably why I put it away. After a while, I tend to get sloppy, which is an indication that I need to pull away. In the space of a couple of days, did manage to complete this pile.

It is a gorgeous quilt and I do intend to finish it. It's just going to take some time.

For those curious to see the finished quilt ....
Now I need to get busy on the Churn Dash SAL. 

Catch you all later! Cheers!

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Channelling my inner Martha Stewart

Quite a few years ago, I had purchased some beeswax blocks at a rummage sale. They were a bargain ... four (4) blocks for a song. 

Given how hard these bees worked to make the wax, I wasn't about to throw them out ... I love the smell of bees wax .... so I thought of candles.

I didn't want to invest in another hobby so I started to keep my empty tea light containers; bought some wicks and a wax melting container ... I was ready to melt.  

The thing about bees wax, it's not as easy to clean off. It's best to have it's own container and I used freezer paper to protect the counter. 

I read up a bit on the subject, didn't want to blow up my house lol ... and voila ... a lot of tea light candles.

I still have 2 1/2 blocks left for the the next batch.  Hum ... I could make small shapes to use as thread conditioner ... but hat would involve investing in a mold.

Thanks for stopping by. Catch you all later ... Cheers!

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Churn Dash Sew A long

Donna from Chookyblue blogspot is hosting a Sew-A-Long and I thought I would join in. Heck, you must have read yesterday's BREAKING NEWS! lol

I decided to open EQ8 to work out the layout. I am not that fond of EQ8 but it is what it is. Sometimes updates are not always a good thing. I've owned EQ for numerous years, since EQ2 ... let's just say I had to update due to Apple's recent change in their system ... we'll leave it at that.

Back to the quilt. The suggested block size is 9 inches ...

I love small blocks and have been thinking about doing a 6 inch block. I'm going for the crappy look. This is what the layout would look like. 

That's a lot of blocks to piece ... but so pretty. I do like small blocks, they require smaller pieces. It would certainly put a dent in the scrap fabric stash. My bins are overflowing!

Now, this is what the quilt would look like with a 9 inch block ... less blocks to piece!

A different look, but pretty none the same.

Well, I guess I have some thinking to do. 

Catch you all later! Cheers!

Saturday, May 21, 2022


 Are you sitting down? Last weekend I turned on my sewing machine and actually worked on a quilt. That's right ... You heard it here first! LOL

Back in the Fibre Junction days, I hosted historical clubs. It was a gathering about The History of Women via the Needle and Thread and used Pam Buda's Prairie Women Sewing Circle (PWSC) club packets for the projects. 

There was a project in PWSC 2 Gathering 5 that I loved and had actually started cutting on August 25, 2012. The only piecing that was done were the flying geese and they still needed trimming. I love that quilt/pattern and had been meaning to finish it.

It's quite a challenge to pick up a project where you left off after so many years and more so if it has a gazillion pieces. I started by organizing the pieces. I needed to figure out what I had and perhaps what was needed to construct the block.

Once I figured it all out ... I started piecing and of course .... I was missing one block! lol Thank goodness for my stash!

After hours and hours of piecing, I finally I had a finish .... Voila!

Hum ... The photograph really doesn't do it justice. It's a pretty pink and brown quilt. The pattern is called Next Door Neighbor and measures 27 1/2 x 34 1/2.

I even have a Make-do in that quilt. I do love to make-do ... it gets me thinking outside of the box ... why run to the store or cut a large piece of fabric just for a few pieces. I enjoy using my scraps and I had just enough of a scrap piece for this block. Besides, it just adds to the story of the quilt .... I love stories don't you?

Now .... if I can only get Penelope turned on .....

Thanks for stopping by. Catch you all later! Cheers!

Friday, May 20, 2022

Blocking a scarf or a shawl

 As I've mentioned in a prior post, blocking a knitting project is my least favourite thing to do. I was not looking forward to blocking my Hap. 

To assist me with this task, I had recently bought a pack of Premium Lace weight wires by Friendly Products. (Made in the USA)

They are 3 feet in length and come in a lovely tube. If in your youth you were a baton twirler/majorette, this tube will bring back lots of memories ... asked my friends when I showed them the tube! LOL

You interfile the wire on the border edge of your work and I used T pins to hold/arrange to the size desired.
They work like a charm. Certainly reducing the number of pins you would need to straighten the edge of the scarf/shawl.
Full view of the blocking.

The pattern for this asymmetrical shawl/scarf is called La Bise designed by Espace Tricot. It is available on Ravelry as a free pattern. The yarn I used is Sunday Morning DK by wonder yarn co. It consists of 75 % BFL (Bluelace Leicester) and 25% Masham sheep. It is soft to the touch.

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!

Thursday, May 19, 2022

The Forest Path Hap

Yesterday I finished a knitting project. I am participating in a Hap Kal on Ravelry and having lots of fun. It's my first time knitting a Hap, some might call it a Shawl, but do not say that to the Shetland historians! lol

The pattern is called Forest Path Hap by Patricia Fortune. For the yarn I used Rauma Finull a wonderful yarn from Norway.

The Hap is finished using the Picot Pinecone edge bind-off. OMG ... the longest bind-off I have ever done in my entire life ... but it does give it a pretty edge.
Yesterday, I blocked the Hap. I had bought these thin wires specifically for this. I'm glad I did, otherwise it would have been a "pin the crap out of it" event. 

Looking at the photograph with a fresh set of eyes, I'm realizing that I should have used the wires for the top edge also. Note to self!

It's also my first time using these foam blocks and I must say I like them. Since I have other similar projects in mind, I bought another set of foam blocks. They are pretty and come in a lovely case.

Voila! We have a fini

Thanks for stopping by. If you are looking do knit a shawl, I strongly recommend Patricia's pattern. It is well written and easy to follow. 

Catch you all later!

Monday, May 16, 2022


Last week, given that we were expecting lots of warm days, I decided it was time to transplant my Aerogarden plants outside, into containers. What I had not ever considered was the root growth size.  As you can see, it's a huge mess and I had already taken out a basil and parsley plant! 

The root base was much to large to fit through the plate base. I had to cut off quite a bit of the root system.
This is what I was left with once I had taken all of the plants out of the base.

It's been a little over a week since I have transplanted the basil, chive and parsley. For a while there it was touch and go, but I think they are going to make it!
Note to self, do not allow the plant to get this size before you decided to transplant ... it's a friggen tree!
I'm enjoying my Aerogarden. What I have learned so far is that not all plants do well in that system. Oregano, chives and tarragon do not thrive in that environment. Basil and parsley on the other hand are a hit.

Thanks for stopping by. Cheers!

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

A Knit Finish ... AKF!

 A while back, I blogged about my first two (2) colour work snood, which was "almost finished." The "almost" was due to not having yet figured out how I was going to sew the two ends together.

The pattern called for "provisional cast on" something I had never done before. Once I figured it out, the knitting took off. Now came the time to sew the two end together. Not knowing how to tackle that just yet, I did what any sane person would do, I put it out of my sight! lol

Well, it started to nag at me. I had decided a while back that I would use the Kitchener Stitch to sew the two ends together. As I took the "provisional cast on" off, I had a difficult time figuring out if I was picking up a stitch or not. So I put it aside, yet again.

Tired of the nagging, I picked it up today and decided I was going to tackle it. Voila! A finish

I will admit, I am not impressed with an area of the snood, it's messy; but I'm willing to live with it.

Other areas turned out fine

I'll just make sure I hide the bad part when it's on my neck! lol

If I need to use a provisional cast on again, what I would do differently is knit a few row before starting my colour work pattern. This way, I'll have a few rows to play with as pick up the stitches. 

For those interested, the pattern is called Foula Snood by Donna Smith and is from the Shetland Woolweek Annual 2018 book.

 I am planning on knitting another colour work snood, if you have any tips, by all means do share. I have so much to learn.

Thanks for stopping by. Cheers!

Saturday, April 9, 2022

The beat goes on ...

Wow, the month of March flew by. Can't say I did much except sit on the couch and knit. That darn couch is so comfortable. Sigh!

On the quilting front, a while back, I finished Seaside Cottage wool topper but forgot to post about it! I do like how it turned out. 

It's perfect for my little table in the breakfast nook. The table topper complements my Lego bouquet!

I would be happy to give the pattern away. If anyone is interested, leave a comment and I will contact you. Do make sure to have an email attached/associated with your profile.

Keep well everyone and thanks for stopping by. Cheers!

Monday, March 7, 2022

Hello Normal ... are you out there?

 Wow, I didn't post for the whole month of February. I've been caught up in the world's craziness. First there was Covid, then Covid again and Covid again now we have the Ukraine war. I so miss NORMAL. At this point, I'm not sure this world will ever see NORMAL again. I feel more like ...

STOP the world, I want to get off. 

On a positive note, the Canadian border opened ... again. I took the opportunity to visit my family and to do a bit of yarn therapy. I've been knitting like a mad woman ... hanging on to my peace or would that be pieces? lol

Found these stitch markers at a new shop I discovered in Verdun/Montreal; a boutique called Crochet & Co ... My three (3) favourite letters together. That's how I feel at the moment.

I haven't been quilting much ... as I mentioned, knitting has been a constant for me. Nothing finished yet, but I did start another Willapa cardigan; this time in Cast iron/black colour. 

Both sleeves are knitted, now I'm working on the body. I'm using Loft American Targhee-Columbia Wool by Brooklyn Tweed. It knits lovely.

That's pretty much it for me at the moment. Hoping you are all well.

Catch you all later! Cheers!

Friday, January 28, 2022

End of January

 Wow, and I've barely posted! Certainly not because I haven't been productive on the creative front, it's more of a procrastination thing. ;)

I finished Pumpkin's sweater, Le Classic by Espace Tricot. Although I like every aspect of quilting, from choosing the fabric to sewing on the binding, I can't say the same for knitting. I do not like blocking sweaters. It's so bulky and difficult to handle.
I've been thinking of getting a Wooly Board/Jumper board. Have you heard of them? 
I've seen them used on Instagram by European knitters and I thought it was a great idea. However, I cannot seem to find them on this side of the pond. Since knitting has now become another serious "hand" project, I thought it would be worth getting. It would certainly get a lot of use and ... maybe, just maybe I won't mind blocking sweaters.

My next serious knitting project is a kit I bought from The Woolly Thistle. Love that shop! The pattern is called Vardejakke Cardigan.

That's it for now. Thanks for stopping by! Catch you all later! Cheers!

Sunday, January 2, 2022

Zoom ... Zoom!

 Had a Chookyblue zoom meet! What a lovely way to start the new year ... catching up with everyone

Thanks for the creative inspiration!

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Happy 2022!

 Wishing you all a wonderful New Year. May 2022 bring you peace, love, joy, health and prosperity. 

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