Sunday, December 25, 2022

Merry Christmas ...

I'm still without any Christmas Spirit. But, I'm ready for Santa!

I've got my favorite PJ pants on ... compliment of a dear friend ... who not only sews, she quilt too ... and knows how much I just love Thomas the Tank Engine.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season!

Merry Christmas!

Bah humbug! 

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Looking for some Christmas Spirit ....

Have you any? I seem to have lost mine. I love this time of year and yet ... I'm blazé about it. 

Last weekend, in search of some Christmas Spirit, I went into New York City with Pumpkin. Every movie I've ever watched mentioned how there's nothing like Christmas in New York City. Heck, Rob Thomas even wrote a song called A New York Christmas. I thought it would be a great place to find some Christmas Spirit. Off we went!

Pumpkin knows how I absolutely love trains ... so she booked Amtrak into NYC ... I was so excited to be on a train. I was the kid and Pumpkin was the adult! LOL

Once in New York City, we did what every tourist should do, get a New York pizza. We ate at this small joint and the pizza was amazing.

Stomach full, we walked to all of the holiday places recommended to us. We did the Winter Village in Bryant Park and off to Rockefeller Center we went. I even saw Santa and an Elf skating.

Everyone talks about roasted chestnuts ... I did buy a bag at a street corner vendor (which seem to be owned by this chain). Anyway, don't try the roasted chestnuts, they were awful ... and expensive. They weren't even warm. 

We continued walking around, going to some personal favourites ... American Girl Doll, Lego, Barnes & Nobles etc ... Saw Macy's Holiday window displays .... so many people .... people everywhere ... you couldn't avoid bumping into people. We did over 22,000 steps! 

By the time we had to catch our train back home, we were pooped. I think we were also overwhelmed with the number of people. I figured New York City would be busy, but this was overly busy. It was like a dance floor at a busy bar! No room to move! It was quite the experience. 

After being in New York City during the Christmas season .... I'm still without Christmas Spirit. Not sure what is going on here ... I haven't done any shopping either ... Sigh!

Thanks for stopping by! Catch you all later!

Friday, December 16, 2022

Another knit finish

I've been thinking a lot about covid and it's devastating effect on our society. Many people have lost so much and it really doesn't seem to want to let up. We seem to be getting into this routine of staying home ... ordering online as opposed to supporting local business ... the mom and paps stores.  

I'm guilty of being comfortable at home .... I have so much to do, so many project ... so many books to read .... so little time. I know I have to force myself to get out. I mean, I was never a social butterfly but it was getting a bit much! Thankfully, we can travel ... that's a bonus. 

I'm enjoying some down time. It's been a busy four months ... but it was fruitful and I am pleased with the results. 

In between busyness I manage to knit a few rows here and there. It just seems that picking up the needles is easier than sitting at the sewing machine. Not that I don't have a few quilting projects that needs finishing .... There's this quilt on Penelope that's been loaded for the past six (6) months ... that's a first! Oh well ...

I finished the kept and I just love how it turned out. 

I love the top!

I'm pretty please with my colourwork. It's getting better and better with every project.

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!
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