Sunday, November 30, 2008

Stephen in the spot light...!

Well, my life is certainly not exciting at all these days. As a matter of fact, I feels more like an anti-social bordering hermit personality type! lol It will end soon enough!

Since I don't have much to blog about that's related to my quilting adventures, I thought I would share with you the latest addition to my sewing room.

Tah dah....! Meet my new cutting table!

This is the front of the table or would that be the sides... hum?!?

As you can see, lots of drawers. However, these are special. They're called "pushmi-pullyu" drawers. I didn't know what they were until DH explained the concept to me!

Basically it's one big drawer that's accessible from either sides. The original idea come from Doctor Doolittle's antelope (a llama in the movie starring Eddie Murphy). Enough trivia! lol

The table is made out of Sugar Maple. It's sort of neat as Stephen artistically worked into the design the places where the tree had been tapped.

If you look closely, you'll see holes where they tapped the tree for maple sugar water.

The top of the table is wide enough to accommodate my 36 + inch cutting mat vertical or horizontal. That was one of my pre-requisites. It drove me nuts that my mat didn't fit vertically on my craft table. lol

I've already started to fill those drawers. I'm so glad to have a place for my Fat Quarters.

As you've all probably heard me say a thousand times, the down side to having a wood shop next to a sewing room is the dust. Yep, dust, dust and more dust. So now my FQ have a place where dust will be minimal.

So now I shall leave you to test out this new cutting table. I get to enjoy a bit of quilting before my nose is back in the books again.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

And the winner is........!

Yep, I know! I've finally gotten around to doing the draw. Yes I did. Got all the names cut up and placed in my trusty cauldron. And just for you, I left the mess on the cutting table.

Can you see that I am trying to get some things done?

Wendy and Raedene I'm getting to my Polka Dot Girls. You cannot imagine how often I said to these ladies that today was the day I was working on the Girls! I did get one block traced before I became un-focused again! lol

I have another hand embroidery project that is all traced out and ready to be stitched. I guess that will have to wait! Gotta stitch the girls next!

So there you have, my what appears to be a messy table. I'm visual so I like to have what I need to work on within view, which, to the untrained eye, makes for a disorganized mess! LOL But, unless someone moves it, I know exactly where it is.

So, I guess you are all wondering who won the draw. Well, let me tell you, when I found out myself, I was quite surprised. This person has got to be one of the most generous bloggers I know. She's always doing some kind of give away! So, what do you get someone who seems to have everything?

You see, I like shopping for the prize once I know who won. This way, I shop with that person in mind. I guess I'll just have to wing it! lol So, let me tell you who won. It's none other that Ms. Sharon from Red Geranium Cottage. Congratulations Sharon!

Thank you again everyone for participating in a bit of fun with me. I do apologize for being so late with the draw. As for my birthday, it was quiet. I don't feel any older personality wise but my body sure feels it! lol Getting older is not for sissies!

Have a great week!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's been a while..... yet again!

I do want to apologize for my absence, more so because of the give way that is now closed. Thank you so much for participating in a bit of fun with me. I will be drawing a name soon. So, please stay tune for the winner.

As you can all imagine, life is a little intense for me. So much is going on in terms of possible life paths and projects. The planning can pre-occupy so much of my time. Now, with that, I still have my graduate degree that I'm hoping to complete by the end of December. I'm presently studying for my last comprehensive exam. Wish me luck! ;o) Once my degree is complete, life, I presume, will be back to normal. At least I hope to get rid of this headache that I've had for the past week! Despite the busyness, I still manage to get some quilting done. It's what's keeping me sane! lol

The retreat at Wadhams was wonderful. I didn't take any pictures. There really wasn't much to photograph. We were all busy working away. Besides, some were in their pjs and I don't know that they would appreciate my posting a picture on my blog! lol It was wonderful being in a productive quilting energy.

I brought with me quite the basket! I spent a couple of weeks cleaning out my closet and finding the projects that I thought I would want to work on. Of course, I didn't work on all of them, but some. As they say, it's better to bring more than not enough.

I did get quite a bit accomplished given that I had not done much cutting before hand. It's amazing how much cutting can take up so much time! The one quilt I did cut ahead, I had forgotten my black thread for the piecing. Oh well, not a big deal! As you can see, there was plenty to work on!

I did finish this project, Charming Holiday Quilt Kit! It was a gift from Santa who, believe it or not, shops at the Fat Quarter Shop! I love Santa! lol The pattern is called Scalloped Charm by Black Cat Creations. There was enough fabric to make a smaller version, which I did. It's machine quilted and like this one, ready for the binding.

I would strongly recommend going to a quilting retreat. It's wonderful to have no distractions. Well, okay, I did visit a quilt shop called Fiber Options. I mean, how could I resist! lol The drive was beautiful. I did learn that there's an Amish community around Ogdensburg, New York. It was fun to see buggys! Anyway, the shop had such a unique collection of fabrics and a lovely decor. I would say that she was contemporary in her choices. Adjacent was a cute wool shop. Oh...... so nice to fondle. But, I won't go there, been there done that! I do NOT need another hobby! lol

That's been by life since Hollows Eve, busy, busy, busy. Thank you so much for your kindness and patience. I will attempt to have the drawing on Monday!
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