Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Snow Day.....!

Are you one of the fortunate ones experiencing a beautiful snow fall today?

It is absolutely gorgeous out there!  It is one of those heavy flakes snow storm!  Perfect for ...


Watch it......!

What fun.....!  

 Well, I finally got around to finishing something.  It has been bothering me a bit that I seem to start more projects than I finish.

Alas, I had a play date with Penelope and machine quilted this little gem.

The pattern is called Love & Joy from Crabapple Hill Designs.  It is suppose to be a pillow, but being that I don't sew am more of a quilt kind of gal, I added more blocks and turned it into a wall hanging.

Now onward to another project that needs finishing, but first ..... off to shovel the driveway!

Thanks for stopping by!  Watch it.......!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

March already ....!

I love the month of March!  There always days that are so warm that you can just feel that spring is in the air!

I've kept myself busy with some wool work and completed the March installment of Penny Rugs thru the year.

They really are fun to make!  A quick project .... instant gratification!

Thanks for stopping by! In friendship!
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