Saturday, October 17, 2020

Chookyblue's Zoom Sewing

 This early morning I had the wonderful opportunity to join Chookyblue and other like minded quilters for a Zoom Sewing Gathering. Given that I finish work on Fridays at Midnight, it was the perfect time to log on and get to know some wonderful quilters.

I poured myself a drink .... It's 5 O'clock somewhere ... and joined the gathering!

I had an early coffee date with friends in the morning ... So I stayed till 2 am .... I probably should have stayed later, as I was to wired to fall asleep. lol

Thank you Donna for allowing to join. I enjoyed chatting with everyone.

Thanks for stopping! Catch you all later! Cheers!

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Fixing my blog

 I love my blog. However, with the recent and not so recent up dates with Google/Blogger, I noticed that I had lost all the videos/slide shows I had created with Picasa. If you clicked on the post, you had no record of the photographs ... blank

Luckily, I was able to link my Picasa account with Google and retrieve all the photographs. I then begin creating slide shows using iPhoto. Love my Mac.

What a production this has been; viewing blogging posts from December 2011 backwards. I think I have corrected everything. This has taken me the better part of a full day, but at least it is all there ... new slide shows.

These fixes were definitely a trip down memory lane ... I'll be honest, I cried at some of the posts and others, I relish in the experience.

Glad my blog is now back in order. Not that I expect people to read my blog from day one ... that would be January 18, 2007 ... Lots has happened since then.

On another note, I did receive my Wool Box from Primitive Gatherings. 

Off to think about what I want to work on next. Catch you all later.

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