Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Guess whose back...?

OMG!  One of my favourite fabric line!

Anyone for a portrait?

I love my job! More to come!

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

So they say...!

I have often heard amongst quilters the notion that "to own a quilt shop must be total bliss, as one gets to quilt all day!"

Let me say that bliss it is, provided you are following your heart, however the quilting all day is none existent! lol  Any quilting I do, is done after work hours.

Lately, I find myself continuously pulled in various directions; do I read a book, do I work on a project, if so will it be hand work, machine work.... Perhaps I ought to go for a walk and get a bit of fresh air... oh wait, I have a couple of social engagement this week, I must re-work my schedule to fit my commitments.

Life is balance!

The hardest task for me has been to find that balance!  I must admit, it is not easy, but I am managing.  What you may ask is the basis of this blog entry? 

Joseph Campbell!  Oh, how I love that man.  Although I know within myself that I am following my bliss, when I listen to his lectures, there is a part of me that wants to further my education.  I am passionate about knowledge.

If I have one complaint from following my present bliss, it is being continuously immersed in quilting.  But, at the moment, I would much rather be immersed in quilting than schooling!

So, I will continue to listen to Joseph Campbell and quilt!

Here is what I have accomplished on my path to following my bliss. ;o)  The first installment of the Mill House Girls Block of the month.

A while back I had blogged about the shop kit, well... it has been nagging at me and today was the day I would put an end to that nagging! ;o)

I do hope you are following your bliss!  Keep well and thank you for stopping by my little corner in cyberspace!


Sunday, July 22, 2012

One towel, two towels three towels......

Were you read stories by Dr. Seuss when you were young?  I was not! It was mainly due to the fact that we were French Canadian and were not aware of the author.  As a matter of fact, I did not know of Theodor Seuss Geisel until we had moved to the states and by then I was ten years old.

How the Crinch Stole Christmas was my favourite Christmas special on television.  I enjoyed that time of the year for the many holiday programs they had.  Once many of my favourites became available on DVD, I jumped at the opportunity to collect them all. What memories!  I'm not even sure if they have "specials" anymore.  

As for Dr. Seuss, it wasn't until I had a child of my own that I learned that there were many other stories.  I now have many favourites but the Crinch as a special place in my heart.  As a youth, did you watch the Christmas Specials on television with your family?

You may be wondering how Dr. Seuss is connected to this blog entry... well .... as I was stitching these towels, I kept thinking of "one fish, two fish....."  lol

The Pattern is from Bird Brain Designs and is called "Freshly Picked"

Thank you for stopping by!  Cheers!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

VQF continued...!

Boy time flies when you're having fun!  Time for a show and tell!

I must admit, I did not take as many pictures as last year.  You would think with my new toy I'd be clicking away, but it wasn't the case.  Sadly, there were not many quilts that moved me.

As I walked around I came upon this gorgeous quilt and thought, "geez that style looks familiar".  Looked at the description and .....

The quilt is made by Birgit Schueller of Germany.  This is the same designer of the Licorice and Lace quilt that I blogged about last year.

Another of my favourite is a reproduction of a quilt.

Pennsylvania Hearts and Hands - Kelly Cunningham - Stevensville, PA.

The descriptions states :This quilt is a reproduction made by Elsie Bott Loucks and others in her family. The pattern used is from the McCall's Quilting Vintage Series Hearts and Hands. The original quilt is owned by the York County Heritage Trust of York, PA and is in Quilts" The Fabric of Friendship. The blocks were constructed in the late 1800s, made into a quilt top in the 1920s and not quilted until 1939-1940.  Longarm machine quilted.


And... there was an "Instructors Showcase" exhibit!  I had the opportunity to view a quilt from Sue Spargo.  I had never seen one of her quilts in person!

So colourful!

Well, I hope you enjoyed a mini VQF!  I would have loved to share with you the antique collection entitled  "Quilts - A tradition of  Variations" - Antique Quilts from the Pilgrim/Roy Collection, but photographs were not allowed.

Gosh, they were stunning.  There's something about utilitarian quilts that I so enjoy viewing.

On a different subject, can someone explain to me why I seem to get "white highlighted" text?  It's driving me insane.  I have to go into the HTML, find it and delete it - taking me much longer to write a blog entry then it should.  Does anyone get that?  It just sort of appears!

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

What a week ..... then VQF.....!

Yea, it's been busy.  I feel as thought I spend my week in Vermont.  Monday we were in Burlington most of the day to see the Surgeon.  Tuesday, in Burlington for the surgery, which by the way went well.  The only two tendons in his index finger are now attached and the one nerve that was severed has been re-attached.  What is left is for us is to be patient, as time does its healing!  Do I have an antsy dh?  Yea, to say the least!  lol

By Wednesday, it was time to head to Burlington, yet again, to pick-up my registration package.  Meet up with my friend Cathy and we had dinner at a great Italian restaurant Juniors!

Thursday was the Champagne & chocolate preview!  Would you believe that I did not get one piece of chocolate?  Plenty of champagne but no chocolate to be seen.  I could have compensated by drinking more champagne, but I was driving!  ;o)  Didn't come home with much, but did scope the vendors for what interested me for my next visit on Sunday.

Sunday, boy, do I have a story to tell you.  Met up with some friends after my class for lunch.  We split up and go our own ways, vendor hopping.  I get a phone call from my friend telling me that she is being detained on "suspicious activity".  What the heck does that mean?  We're at a quilt show for Pete's sake!

Well, would you believe someone reported her on "suspicion" of stealing a pattern?  So they took her in, plain view of everyone one, into a room. Took everything out of her bag, matched it with receipts.  Many of the items were in bags with the vendor's name on them.  Some cash register receipt did not have the name of the vendor on them, so they kept all the items from that. All and all, she left behind close to $300.00 worth of paid merchandise.  The only reason they did not "book" her was because no one saw her do it!  If she wants to get her money back, she has to go the police station with her visa statement and they will refund her.  Does that make sense to you?  I'm  still  baffled!

I just cannot believed this!  Scary!

Wanna see my small loot?

Fell in love with this wool kit!  And of course, I had to have the two new thread cards from Superior!

Not sure I will head back to VQF next year!  Wasn't that impressed!  Even less so with this recent incident! I'll have pictures of some of my favourite quilts soon!

Thanks for stopping by!
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