Thursday, April 16, 2020

Knitting in peacefulness ....

This whole pandemic really has me reflecting on life, the universe and everything else. What is important/meaningful to me?

For one thing, I refuse to look at this as social isolation but more as a quiet, peaceful time. An opportunity to spend time with myself, away from social distractions. It is allowing me to think about my priorities, my life and the next paths I will choose ... What really matters to me? ... my family, friends and hobbies. The rest, is just small stuff!

Sure I miss our weekly get-together at our local coffee shop, what we gals refer to as "Coffee Shoping" ... but this peaceful time only makes me more grateful for the friendships I have cultivated. When the quarantine has been lifted, we will have a wonderful show & tell party! Now there's something to look forward!

In the meantime, I have been knitting. Seems quilting has been put on the side for now. It's easier for me to sit in the living room and pick up the needles than it is to sit at my machine. That's ok ...

I finished this winter hat for my little Pumpkin, who is not so little anymore. 

I used Cuzco Cashmere, by the Plymouth Yarn Company ... 40% Superbaby Alpaca, 40% Mulberry Silk & 20% Cashmere ... As you can imagine, it is super soft. This is a birds eye view! 

Pumpkin wanted a pompom ... so I bought this gorgeous vegan pompon at my favourite brick & mortar yarn shop in Montreal ... Espace Tricot ... Le Pompom

And now, voici le pompom with le hat!

Now my little Pumpkin is all set for the winter! She be stylin' lol

How have you been doing? 

Thank you for stopping my! Wishing you a wonderful day! Cheers!

Monday, April 6, 2020

Show & Tell ...!

Saturday morning, my friend Diane texted me and said:

"Do you feel up to an outdoor chat? I can walk over to your place and talk outside. I have some show and tell."

It was a gorgeous day ... perfect for sitting outside .... I'm game ... So we had a Social Distancing Show & Tell.

I set up two chairs ... 6 feet plus apart, of course ... while she walked over.

We both subscribe to the Primitive Gatherings wool box ... during this isolation, she has been working on the various projects from the boxes we've received.

Check out the cute pincushion.

Hum ... inspiration to get mine done! lol

The last show and tell was the project she's presently working on.

Diane does beautiful work. She is such an inspiration.

I so miss our weekly get-together with our group ... Our Saturday coffee Shoping time! Sigh!

Later that day my friend Gina stopped by to drop off a quilt .... and brought me a sweet care package.

It was wonderful to catch up with friends on quilting, life the universe and everything else. That day was just what I needed !

How have you been maintaining some social time?

I do hope you have found ways to keep in touch with your circle of friends, those you care about. Social distancing does not have to be total social isolation. It's important to connect ...

Keep healthy, both physically & psychologically. Cheers!
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