Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's been way toooooo lonnnnng.....!

Life continues to be busy. I must admit, I love my work schedule. Five (5) days on (with a 2 (two) day break in there) and seven (7) days off! Couldn't ask for a better work week!

What have I been up too you might ask? Lots of quilting that's for sure. I did play some more on Penelope, practicing my feathers. They're coming along nicely! Not ready to put them on a quilt yet... soon with more practice.

I did finish a top that's presently on Penelope. I used some reproduction fabrics! I want to have it machine quilted before I blog about it. I'm presently waiting for some thread! That order should get here in a couple of days!

I did finish block 9 (nine) of Hocuspocousville! I love that pattern.

Meg from Crabapple Hill did come out with a new Halloween pattern called Vintage Trick or Treat. That's another one on my list of to dos! I love her work!

So many patterns so little time! ;o)

A couple of weeks ago, Libby and I were corresponding regarding our Kitchenaid mixer. We both love our friend. ;o)

We were talking/writing about making pasta. I was telling her about the special adapter that attaches to the mixer. Anyway, by the end of our discussion, I knew what I wanted for dinner!

I had to make some pasta! LOL

I just love fresh pasta and this special gadget makes it so much easier. Both hands are free to play with the dough.

I make my pasta dough using semolina flour that I purchase in Montreal. Nothing like that around small town USA. You can make it with flour, but I prefer to use semolina.

I knead my dough using setting 1 and then 2.

After I feel it is properly kneaded, I go through the various numerical settings to thin it out.

Once the dough is thin enough for my liking, in this case number 5, I pass it through the fettuccine cutter.

(PS. the dough should be extended as it goes through the cutter - I needed to get my hand out of the way for the picture and quickly extend the dough before it passed through). We're talking action shot! lol

There's also a spaghetti noodle adapter that comes with the set.

That night, you guessed it, we were having Fettuccine Alfredo! Yummy!

That was dinner!

Fresh pasta, fresh artisan whole grain loaf and a glass of red wine!

Yes, I took the time to bake a loaf of bread. Libby gave me the bug! There was a time, prior to my going to graduate school, that I would often make bread. I fell out of the habit! Now, I'm back on the habit! lol


Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

What's going on.....!

What a busy week it's been! I haven't been home all week. Darn.... when will it slow down a bit?

Since school has been out, there were 2 things I wanted to work on, EQ6 and more play dates with Penelope. Well, tonight I did both!

I wanted to practice my feathers, you know, so I'm no longer a chicken! lol

They are not perfect but at least I'm getting some practice time.

In my MQX classes with Dawn Cavanaugh, we learned different ways to do a feather. So, I've been practicing all of them. For me, some techniques are much easier than others.

I would really like to be able to create those gorgeous feather designs that you see on quilts. Anyway, the more I practice, the better I'll get!

The weather here hasn't been that great, so my new bike has been sitting in the garage. I was going to take it to the shop today but the wind was unbelievable. Besides, I am so tired, just looking at the wind took any ounce of motivation I had.

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!

Monday, May 4, 2009

That's just how it's been as of late....!

It hasn't been a very good week for me. I discovered these amazing sandwiches from a coffee shop down the street from Fibre called Lakeside Coffee shop.

Firstly, do not and I repeat DO NOT ever order a toasted bagel with their veggie cream cheese, you're sure to get addicted! Gosh is that ever good! That's been my breakfast! For lunch it's been a Caprese, fresh mozzarella, sun-dried tomato and pesto grilled sandwich! Another one to stay away! Sigh! Add a latte with that and their amazing crumb cake for dessert and you have my diet for the past few days! Thank goodness it's my day off today! ;o) Time for me to get back on track.

Since I work only 5 (five) miles from home, I bought myself one of these:

I specifically took the picture angled so that you could look at my new wheels as if going up hill.... you know.... burn more calories. ;o)

Yep, I do live on a hill so it will be challenging going to work and coming back from work.

I've been wanting a new bike for a while and I thought yesterday was the perfect day to buy one! They sure don't make them like they used to when I was a kid. I've got shock absorbers on this baby! Oh and about a gazillion gears to make going up those hills easier.

I did take a spin on it yesterday to get used to those brakes. Yea, another improvement from when I was a kid. They're surely not ABS brakes! Better not brake quickly or I'll find myself over the handle bar, face first on the pavement. They work alright! Good thing I have a bike helmet!

So that's been my week on the new South Beach diet! In all fairness, I did well until Friday, the day the shop opened. But, today is a new day!

Keep well everyone!
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