Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy belated 4th of July.....!

I do hope you have all had a wonderful July 4th celebration!

I really had every intention of writing a post for July 4th. But....... other things came in the way.

You know, it's not like I have no quitly projects to tell you about.... I really cannot figure out why I don't seem to write post as often as I used too. Sigh!

Well, for one thing, I keep forgetting to take a picture of the quilt tops I've completed. However, for this one, I especially made a trip back to the shop to take a picture. I just thought it was such a cute festive quilt.

Tah dah.....

This is a pattern by Briarwood Cottage and is part of their monthly Pocket pattern series. They have the cutest little patterns to make!

I'm sure you can guess which month this is! ;o)

This one was done in less than a day! I think it took me longer to machine quilt it then to piece it! I ended up machine quilting in the ditch!

I did finish Coney Island by Fig Tree, but I'll keep that for another post! ;o )

Thanks for stopping by!
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