Sunday, April 21, 2019

hoppin' ...!

Every Easter my dear friend Cheryl from down under sends me a box of Aussie chocolates. OMG, they are so yummy.

The box consists of your standard treats ... bunnies ... and of course, lots of unique things, one of which is a bilby, an Aussie Easter tradition.

Have you ever seen a bilby? They are so cute with their long ears. This year's bilby ....

Personally, I think they should have placed the chocolate eggs in the back and not the front! lol

So, wishing everyone a happy Easter from way up northeast New York, I can see Canada from my house, to all the way from down under.


Friday, April 12, 2019

What's up ....?

It's been a while since  my last post. I must admit, nothing much in my quilting world has been happening.

What I have been doing is being a cat rest ....

And then there's this one ....

You try getting anything done! lol

I'm hoping to have something to show you soon. Until then .... I'm just enjoying the love from Princess Stella.

Catch you all later!
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