Tuesday, November 2, 2010

UFOs in the closet....!

Back in February 2007, I had become a member of the Stashbuster yahoo group. That year, I decided to join their UFO challenge. It was a perfect opportunity for me to finish some long over due projects.

I began this challenge by doing an inventory, well okay, cleaning out the dust bunnies so to speak! Once I had an inventory of all of my on going projects, I decided that it was time to keep a list.

This is what I came up with.

I remember Nancy, from Nancyquilts, commenting on how I was just a baby in the UFO department! She had 86 UFOs! Not sure my heart could take it! lol I wonder how Nancy is doing!?

As you can see, many of those projects have been completed.

What I have done, is continued a yearly listing of each project I start. This allows me to know the year and date I began and finished my projects.

Now I'm curious, how you organize your ongoing projects? Do you keep a list of your projects?

All this to say, my guild Franklin County Quilter's Guild, is doing a UFO challenge! I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity for me to work on the "prior to 2007" list.

Sunday, I dug for a project to add to the new challenge list and decided on Wildberry Vines by Nancy Odom of Timid Thimble Creations. This project was on the original 2007 Stashbuster UFO challenge and did cost me a penalty of a FQ! Should you wish, you may read the story associated with this quilt here.

Harmed with determination, by 2:00 a.m. I had pieced the center of the quilt! Yea!

There really wasn't much left to do on it. Trimming the blocks and doing a bit of hand embroidery in (2) two of the blocks.

For now, I must leave it on my design wall, as I do need to get my Jo's Little women' club project done for Thursday! I've got to set a good example! ;o) lol

Off to play with some Jo Morton Fabrics! Pressure, pressure, but I can handle it! ;o)

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!
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