Monday, September 27, 2010

When was the last time you thanked the moon?

I've always loved the moon. Of course, I was just a kid when mankind visited this celestial sphere, but I remember! I watched it at our neighbour's house. They were the first people on the block to get a colour television. Okay, so I'm dating myself! ;o) Ironically, the event was in black in white! lol

I've been watching a documentary on the History Channel via Netflix called The Universe. That's how I get a lot of hand work done. There's nothing like getting an education while working on some hand projects. I'm the queen of multi-tasking, but I'm digressing..... ;o)

Anyway, come to find out that had it not been for our moon, this earth would be in a big mess! I learned so much about the positive benefits of the moon's gravitational pull and I'm not just talking about tides here! ;o) Next time you look up to the heavens, be thankful! This planet we call earth and it's surroundings is truly amazing!

On the quilting front, I've been scheduling play dates with Penelope.

This weeks lesson, cross hatching!

It's a lot harder than it looks! It's challenging to say the least!

I'm positive I have some warpies going on here! But, I won't show you where they are! lol

I've had this little reproduction quilt top done for a while, waiting to schedule some time to quilt it! I'm hoping to have it finished today so that I can show it to you as a finish!

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy the day! Cheers!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another finish.....!

Some of you have been asking about the renovations. There are coming along nicely. We are moved back into the living room. What remains is the dinning room.

As I've mentioned in a prior post, I'm just pleased that the hot water heating system is up and running. Let me explain!

Have I ever mentioned how Stephen and plumbing do not mix? As talented as Stephen is in many fields, plumbing just doesn't work for him. Oh, he can do it, it's just that .... well ..... we all pay for it before, during and after. The last time he touched plumbing, I firmly informed him that he had 2 (two) choices, either we hire a plumber or a lawyer! lol

Thankfully I do not need to hire either, as my favourite brother, has he likes to be known, graciously offers to do any plumbing that needs to get done in the house. Now you know why I am so pleased that we have heat! lol

Hubby has been busy taking care of the finishing trim, and there is lots of it!

We have crown molding in both the dinning room and living room! The lower part of the walls will have wainscoating!

On the quilting front....

I finished Rural Jardin, a Moda pattern by French General. It's another free pattern and you can access it here.

I used both Rouinerie and Rural Jardin fabric line by French General. Both lines are available at Fibre Junction.

I used the Plumage panto on this quilt and I really like how it turned out!

I love a scallop border, I don't know why I do not make more quilts with scallops! It is a pain to mark, ruler or not, but so worth it once it's completed!

I use the Large Scallop Radial Rule from Katie Lane Quilts to mark my scallops. The ruler does make it easier.

Thanks for stopping by! Keep well!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The beauty of it all......!

It is hard to believe that fall is quickly approaching! The leaves on some of the trees have already started to turn their magnificent colours.

Here last week we had the most amazing sight!

The picture does not do it justice! The colours were so vibrant!
I hadn't seen a double rainbow since I don't know when! I cannot say, "since I was a kid" because, well I don't think I've grown up yet. lol

Adulthood is so over rated, who needs it! ;o)

I love nature!

Speaking of nature, our vegetable garden has been quite productive this year.

Last year, the tomato blite claimed most of our potential harvest. Thankfully this year it has not been the case. There is nothing like a fresh home grown tomato! Beats store bought anytime!

Hubby has been busy drying, as our supply of garden fresh sun dried tomatos has been exhausted.

On the quilting front, you will be astonished at the amount of quilting I have been doing! It's always a great feeling when you have completed a project!

Tah dah!

Machine quilted and all! Yes, I've been enjoying play dates with Penelope!

The pattern is called Park Avenue by 3 Sisters. It's a free pattern on the Moda site under the Fun Stuff heading. You can access the pattern here.

There's something to be said for a quilt that does not have borders. It's probably psychological, but it feels like a quick finish! ;o)

It will make a nice sample for the shoppe!

Thanks for stopping by! Keep well!
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