Monday, January 15, 2024

Take three ....

I decided to attempt the Spruce Sprig mitten pattern from the book Maja's Swedish Mittens by Maja Karlsson.

 If you recall, my second attempt was using Jamison & Smith yarn. They did not feel warm and cosy, which was due to the size of the needles.

Third attempt, I went back to the original yarn I had purchased from Nova Scotia many many many moons ago and for the green I held it double using Rauma Garn Finull PT 2 (4130) and Kidsilk Haze in Jelly (597). 

I love how they turned out ... nice and fluffy!

Pattern wise, I made the mistake of not reading the instructions for the left mitten, which has you reading the chart from left to right. I was way too far into the mitten to frog and decided to let it be. I don't know what the difference would be ... and it's ok. I'm good with how they turned out. 

As for the thumb instruction, I did not follow the pattern but did it differently. I tried the pattern's method on the second attempt and could not figure out how to catch the stitch properly. I reverted to using a true and tried method. 

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Monday, January 8, 2024

Back to our regular schedule programming

 Wow! The holidays are over. It's back to a regular work week. I do hope you've had a wonderful holiday season.

We FINALLY had a snow storm in way up Northeast New York. I know that some are not a fan of snow, but I am. It's gorgeous out there!

This year, I decided that it was time I knitted myself a pair of mittens. Little did I know that this simple project was going to turn into quite the production with lots of frogging. 

The first attempt was from the book Maja's Swedish Mittens by Maja Karlson, the pattern is called Spruce Sprig. I used a wool I had purchased in Nova Scotia many many many moons ago. I didn't like the yarn I used for the trees. Frogged .... Rip it ....  

Then, I decided to used Jamison & Smith Jumper weigh yarn and found the mittens to be too flimsy. This was mainly due to the size of the needles I was using.

I put that pattern aside and decided to go for a tried and true mitten pattern, Bromont Mitts designed by Dianna Walla for Espace Tricot. This time, I used Rauma Garn Finull PT2 colours, navy blue, gold and gray.

Although I liked the feel and thickness of the mitten, I did not like the gold accent and the blue didn't do it for me. Frogged .... rip it!

Switched things around a bit and went for the gray as the main colour with the navy blue as the accent colour. I had one mitten done, minus the thumb, brought it for show and tell at a luncheon with friends and realized that I had made a mistake on the chevron. Frogged .... rip it!

Finally .... we have a pair of mittens!

I haven't blocked them yet. I'm just so happy to have finally finished them! I tweaked the patten a bit to fit my hand. They are warm and cozy!

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!

Monday, January 1, 2024

In with the new out with the old ...

 Wishing you the best that the New Year has to offer.

To world peace, love, harmony and health ... May we all strive to be the best version of ourselves in 2024 ... Cheers!

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