Monday, June 25, 2007

Saturday... surprise!

Saturday I went for some quilting therapy with my blog anniversary prizes in mind. Of course, I cannot show you what I bought. It would ruin the surprise for the winners!

The first place I stopped was at Yankee Pride in Essex. Yankee Pride was my very first experience with a quilt store and I will add that the owner Judy is responsible for my being a quilter. She persuaded me to take her Sampler class after a disaster Carpenter Wheel from hell class that I took at her shop with another person. Judy is an amazing teacher and quilter and I caught the quilting bug from her. She was at the store that day and recognized me! I couldn't believe it. It's been over six (6) years since I last saw her.

There I found the most amazing pattern that May Britt will be getting. Had I not been budget conscious, I would have bought several of the patterns for my friends. But, I did want to curb my spending for this coming Friday. More later....... I also bought some fat quarters.

My next stop was at Strawberry and Rhubarb, the Bernina dealer. I bought some thread and more bobbins for both my Berninas. Yankee Candle Shop was having a special that day so I made a pit stop and bought lots of goodies. Did I ever mention that I'm a candle freak? lol I just love candles!

Afterwards I went to Sew Many Treasures and bought a Amy Butler Fat quarter bundle and some Cherry Jubilee fabric. Darlene, I found some for myself. I had seen some of the collection on Darlene's blog. They only had one bolt of the yellow flowery cherries. I just love that fabric. Hum.... perhaps I should have bought more.

You see how good I was? Didn't spent too much. I was reasonable, too reasonable in my opinion! lol If this wonderful excursion wasn't enough, I came home to this:

A wonderful package from my friend Connie. I couldn't believe what I saw. I must quote Melanie from Covered Porches and Wooden Screened Doors "A friend who has never met me and yet shared so generously…there’s a special place in heaven for quilters—definitely." Connie, you touched my heart! Thank you my friend!

I know I have said it thousands of time, but I am so blessed to have so many wonderful blogging friends. Although we have never met in person, I know that someday we will. You gals are such kindred spirits. You bring tears of joy to my heart! Okay, I have to stop before I start crying! lol


Wendy said... had a busy and productive day shopping and then to come home and find goodies waiting. I agree with all your kind words about blogging friends... well said! Thanks for the mini shop hop.

Jeanne said...

Now that was a great quilty day for you! While you were shopping for the gifts you would send out, a gift for you was delivered to your house. It doesn't get much better than that.

Darlene said...

What a delightful post, Carole. You are such a treasure that you deserve all the goodies and more that you received from Connie. The package says "Carole" - it's all you, my friend. Enjoy!

Blogging has opened up a whole new universe for me, as well.

Unknown said...

I agree with Darlene you deserve the goodies.

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