Sunday, February 11, 2007

UFO wallhanging

This is a UFO quilt that I am attempting to finish. The pattern is called Autumn Leaves and it is from the book Easy Paper-Pieced Keepsake Quilts by Carol Doak.

It was a workshop I took with the author when I belonged to a guild in Saint Albans, Vermont. You can see that the fabrics are clearly from around 1998 -99. I did include fabric I had hand dyed from a course I took at the Quiltsmith (no longer open) that was given by this wonderful lady, whose name I cannot remember, on dying your own fabric. I would have liked to take up the hobby of hand dying fabric but I quickly came to the realization that you cannot have many hobbies at the same time. Thankfully for this UFO, I have, I think, all the fabrics that were to be used on the quilt. I really would like to finish this quilt, as it would be a "souvenir" of the workshop.

One of the issues I have about this quilt is that you have to think of the fabric placement. Each block has an overlap in another block. Your block must be laid out so that you can have the proper sequence of fabric. This reminds me of the kaleidoscope quilt I finally managed to finish. I say finally managed to finish as it blocked my creativity and I could not quilt any longer. It was one of those project that had to be finished in order for me to continue quilting. One summer, during my vacation, I finally made the effort to finish it. The quilt is made using batiks as well as some of my own hand dyed fabrics. I need to figure out how to post more than one picture in such a way that I can comment next to it.

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Betty J in OKC said...

I made an Autumn Leaves quilt with tesselated leaves like your pattern. I called it the "Tesselating Autumn Leaves from H_ll." I worked on the layout for over a year. It helped to number each fabric and lay out the leaves acording to the numbered chart.

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