Saturday, February 10, 2007

Cleaning out the dust bunnies!

Yesterday, I worked on one UFO. It is quite a challenge to come to a project after more than eight (8) years and jump right in and do it. This particular quilt I chose to work on requires getting a bearing as to how the color placement works. After experiencing some frustration, I decided to clean out my sewing closets. What did I find besides dust bunnies, MORE UFOs!

When I began quilting I made a rule that I would not have more than two (2) projects going at the same time. After a while I increased it to five (5) and slowly it went up to ten (10) projects. Somewhere along, I extended the cap to infinity. What is sitting in limbo are not quilts that I do not like, but projects that were conveniently forgotten due to the excitement of something new. So, as I cleaned out the stash closet, I made a list of the forgotten projects and consolidated these UFOs to a bin. So far, I have twenty (20) UFOs, which according to some quilters is nothing. However, this does not include the projects that I have acquired the fabric and are just waiting to be started. I do not know that I can count that high! lol

Last year, someone on the RCTQ newsgroup once posted something humorous on the origin of a UFO, which I will share with you.

Where does a UFO start? It starts as a WHIMM (Works Hidden In My Mind).
After a FART (Fabric Acquisition Road Trip) and some SEX (Stash Enhancing eXperience) it becomes a PIG (Projects In Grocery sack).
The PIG becomes a HSY (pronounced hissy ... meaning Haven't Started Yet).
Once you have a HSY fit and begin work, it becomes a WIP (Work In Progress). The WIP becomes a UFO (UnFulfilled Opportunity).
And the cycle continues

Needless to say the WHIMM never ceases, which continue to increase my UFOs. I think that is the cause of my "compulsive quilter" syndrome. All of these WHIMM needing to be birthed.

Back to my closets. After organizing what I call the stash portion, I then moved on to the miscellaneous section, the other side. Since I have started to slowly equip myself for machine embroidery, I had a mess of spools and supplies to organize. I decided that it was time for my husband (a woodworker as a hobby) to design and build a portable stand with drawers to store my embroidery thread, as well as the embroidery module. This would eliminate the clutter and constant falling of supplies off the shelves.

Today, I have a bit more cleaning to do in my sewing room. Afterwards I will make another attempt to work on that UFO that is neatly placed on the designer wall. As for my husband, he has already finished designing the stand and will start working on it today. I was informed that he had a two (2) week span before the wood would be delivered for the barn. Yes, we are building a barn this year to store his stash of wood! ;o) - So, off he goes to start my new storage space.
PS: If anyone is thinking of doing a stash raid, as you can see I have my stash guard. She is not easily bribed! lol


swooze said...

Carole welcome to Stashbuster the yahoo group and the webring! I saw you post and was going to get a note off to you. I know live in the Dallas, TX area but grew up in Cortland, NY and graduate from SUNY Plattsburgh. I know your stomping grounds! Very glad to have you with us and look forward to all the finshes!

Judy said...

I love the story of how a UFO is born! :>) Good luck with the dust bunnies and the stash!

Nancy said...

LOL! You're just a baby in the UFO department. I currently have 86 projects in the works and that's after I boxed a dozen up yesterday to send of to a lady who will finish them for charity. And I'm constantly starting new projects. So do I worry about it? Nope! I just work on whatever makes me happy at the moment. And HOPEFULLY it will make me happy at some point this year to finish up a few of those UFOs. :-)

Jenni said...

Infinity is a good round number!

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