Thursday, February 15, 2007

My trip to Glenn's Falls

I forgot to write about my experience in Glenn's Falls. It is just a bit pass Lake George. The ride was wonderful and scenic. I arrived at the Heirloom Sewing Center and Quilt Shop around 12:30 p.m. and dropped off my 180E. There is quite a nice selection of fabrics at a reasonable price, as well as patterns. Took a visual inventory and left to catch a bite to eat at a little Cafe. I found a Joann's to browse a bit. I had a 40% coupon and did want to pick up some Pellon fusible fleece for an embroidery table runner that I will be making. The thought of using polyester as a batting skieves me out, but I tell myself it's an embroidered table runner. I'll use this fleece on Jenny Haskin's Aqua Ambiance pattern.

You'll never believe who I met at Starbucks cafe, my daughter's past principle Joanna. What a weird place to meet given that she lives the next town over. This is her first year as a retired school principle and she is busy. She's quite involved with the girl scouts and was in Glenn's Falls for a meeting. She treated me to a latte. What a sweet person she is!

By 3:00 p.m. my machine was ready. I went back to Heirloom and had a chat with the owner, Jackie. I than proceeded to peruse the fabric and pattern section. I must not have been in a buying mood because I didn't leave the store with much fabric. They did an amazing job on my 180E. I didn't think of bringing the cable so she wasn't able to update it (I don't think there are other updates). When I got home I took it for a spin and it ran well. There was a springy noise that stopped when I opened the bobbin case door. I think it was just the wire for the bobbin sensor that must have cause the springy noise. I wrote Jackie an e-mail and she told me what to do and voila, fixed! I will be going back to Glenn's Falls. I was pleased with the service. Best of all, the machine is fixed on site.

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Sweet P said...

Hooray for getting your machine fixed, coffee with an old friend and a safe trip!

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