Monday, February 19, 2007

Top 10 reasons NOT to paper piece

I managed to sandwich the tessellating Autumn Leave last night. This was not without some set backs. At this point I still DO NOT like paper piecing and cannot, for the life of me, justify using this method. Okay, maybe for flying geese, but that's it! For one thing, it took a while to remove all of the paper from the blocks. The "specialty" paper from The Patchwork Place is not that easy to remove. I managed, despite being extremely careful, to rip out some stitches. As I removed the paper, I noticed that my tension was not that great. Although I had checked the tension on numerous occasions, it looked fine with the paper in place, but once the paper was removed, it was not acceptable. This, of course, changes my plans for machine quilting. I may have to do meandering all of over the quilt as opposed to quilting individual leaves. The meandering will ensure that the blocks are secured and minimize further unravelling. Mid way through the process of paper removal Midnight, terror on four kitty paws, managed to knock my iron on its side and water came out onto the first couple of rows of the quilt. The hand dyed fabric bled onto the white. I will either wash the top after I machine quilt it or just leave it as it and tuck the quilt away.

I have compiled the ten top reason NOT to paper piece:

10. You need Zoloft/Prozac and/or sherry
9. Waste of thread - thread strands everywhere
8. Cutting fabric never stops
7. It's messy - you're constantly cleaning as opposed to quilting
6. It's unfriendly to the environment - Save trees!
5. You become bald from pulling your hair
4. Preparation time is tedious - you need lots of paper foundation
3. Paper slides on the feed dogs - irregulars stitching -> see 10 for relief
2. Paper removal is tedious, time consuming and messy
1. It makes you hysterical

So today will be spent machine quilting this wall hanging. Once it is completed I will put a picture up.


Sweet P said...

I think you named the Top 10 Reasons I don't paper piece.

Wendy said...

Well at least you can say "you tried it" and decided not to do paper piecing again. It's not my favorite either. The only paper piecing I've done is a small pillow of tulips.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

You needed a spew alert - your top ten had me laughing at the computer - my kids now think I am nuts! Good luck with finishing the project - and good job staying with it so far.

swooze said...

Great job on the finish! Too bad on the color bleed. Checkout the SHOUT color catchers. They soak up all that bleed!

Judy said...

I don't paper piece either - I think you just listed the reasons why!

Jenni said...

I've been contemplating the Paper-Piece method, but now I feel good that my suspicions have been confirmed, and don't have to try it. Thanks.

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