Sunday, February 11, 2007

Another UFO re-surfaced!

Oh my gosh, I had totally forgotten about this quilt. That's probably because it was tucked away, out of sight. It is/was in the process of being hand quilted. The joining of the stashbuster group has this psychological effect on me. All I think about is what projects need to be completed. I am being haunted by UFOs!

The beautiful QI on this quilt is our late Mr. Bud. He is truly missed.

Time to get off the computer and start working on those UFOs. I may just put the Carol Doak project on hold and work on something else. I am not in the mood to think hard on fabric and color placement.


Wendy said...

I love the 9 patches. I'm with you, all I think about is which UFO should I dig out next. What a wonderful surprise when you find something so beautiful.

Quilting Kim said...

The 9-patch is my favorite block and so versatile. This quilt top is a beauty.

Sweet P said...

Stashbusters does have that affect on us, doesn't it? What UFO should I work on next? Sometimes though it is fun to start a new project, isn't it?

Love the quilt. Are you going to finish it and keep it for yourself?

Wendy said...

Hi Carole, Thanks for visiting my blog. The way I post pictures is
using the dashboard within blogger. When I upload a picture the tool will ask me if I want the picture in the centre, right or left of text. I hope this helps you. The tool always puts the pictures together, I will go into the HTML and manually move the pictures to the correct place.
Maybe there is an easier way but I haven't figured that one out.

And to answer the washing questions. No I don't wash my fabrics.

Nice to meet another Canadian. I hope you will visit me again.

Judy said...

Beautiful 9 patch quilt! The recipient of that one will be one lucky person. What a treat to find in the UFOz!

Betty said...

Love your 9-patch quilt. Love the extra touch of the tulip flower. Looks like the cat approves as well!

Kim West said...

How pretty!!! Love the colors.

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