Friday, December 16, 2022

Another knit finish

I've been thinking a lot about covid and it's devastating effect on our society. Many people have lost so much and it really doesn't seem to want to let up. We seem to be getting into this routine of staying home ... ordering online as opposed to supporting local business ... the mom and paps stores.  

I'm guilty of being comfortable at home .... I have so much to do, so many project ... so many books to read .... so little time. I know I have to force myself to get out. I mean, I was never a social butterfly but it was getting a bit much! Thankfully, we can travel ... that's a bonus. 

I'm enjoying some down time. It's been a busy four months ... but it was fruitful and I am pleased with the results. 

In between busyness I manage to knit a few rows here and there. It just seems that picking up the needles is easier than sitting at the sewing machine. Not that I don't have a few quilting projects that needs finishing .... There's this quilt on Penelope that's been loaded for the past six (6) months ... that's a first! Oh well ...

I finished the kept and I just love how it turned out. 

I love the top!

I'm pretty please with my colourwork. It's getting better and better with every project.

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!


Kim said...

There are so many reasons we’ve kept this home based operation functioning. The time spent to travel to and from shopping, the expense of travel, arriving at the stores only to find items out of stock and the vast options offered by internet sellers has pushed us in that direction. I drove to a quilt shop last month and found it didn’t exist any longer. The shop was empty and sad. Previous to that I visited a quilt shop and was greeted with a sign posted on the locked door informing shoppers that they’ve gone to internet sales and only offer one day open to the public. Now I checked websites for status, when possible, before travel. I’m not a fan of ordering without seeing and touching but considering that I live in a somewhat rural area with limited shopping options, this is what I am left with. Most doctor visits remain as e-visits now as well. I miss the times when we could go out to live our lives with minimal risk to our health and safety. The one gift that comes from this is having more time to be creative as you have been…🐝 Your color work is beautiful and fun! I’m glad you’ve had travel experiences and are enjoying life as much as you can, making lots of fun memories. Happy knitting 🧶

Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, your kep is beautiful -- I love the colors! The whole Covid effects topic is so interesting to me. I'm really a homebody now that I've retired -- I hardly go anywhere locally -- just to travel (even hubby does most of the grocery shopping). I think it's particularly sad with yarn and fabric not to be able to touch and see it. And, I think the real devastation has been with the younger crowd -- they've become so accustomed to staying in -- how are they ever to meet and marry, etc. I hope the ship will right itself in the next few years.

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