Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Still in shock ....

I think my face is stuck in the "shock" position from my recent UFO discovery. lol You can read all about it here!

Yes, I'm still plugging away!

When I take up a quilting UFO, I wonder why I put the project aside. At other times, I know exactly why.

When I picked up this wool UFO, I knew without a doubt why I pushed it aside. I have a personality conflict with the stem stitch! There, now I said it.

Yes, sir! When it comes to doing the stem stitch, I just cannot seem to get the hang of it. Not sure why, it just didn't come easily for me. Hence the personality conflict.

I knew that I couldn't keep the project folded there forever. So, personality conflict aside, I tackled it.

The pattern is called Pumpkin Table Mat by Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings.

The pumpkins and stems were the only things stitched. I tackled the leaves and then began dealing with this personality conflict. By the end of the last pumpkin, I think I worked it out!

The original pattern did call for a loopy vine connecting all the pumpkins, but I chose otherwise.

Here is the pattern picture so that you can see the difference.

 I like that my pumpkins are not connected to one another. Besides, I would have to do more stem stitch!!!!! Let's not push this girl to extreme!

Thanks for stopping by! Catch you all later! Cheers!

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