Sunday, September 30, 2012

Plugging away....!

Do you have flimsies, waiting to be sandwiched and bound?  Well, I do!

These projects just seem to sit there, waiting.  For what?  Sometimes, I'm not sure.  It's been the case for this little quilt.  Sure, I can make excuses, but really.... it's been way too long!

Started this little hand embroidery project last year!  I've had the center done for quite some time.

Yes, I was waiting for fabric to come in, but honestly, it didn't have to take so long for me to complete this.

The pattern is called Little Tree by Waltzing with Bears!  For the border, I used a combination of Seasonal Gatherings by Primitive Gatherings and Odile by French General!

I love the little hanger!

As I look at this little quilt, I feel the need to remove some machine quilting in the center.  What was I thinking?

On another note, I did complete another block from my Folk Art Quilt project.

Plugging along here!

On a different subject, I am in search of a photo editing software that is not overly expensive.  Anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks for stopping by!  Cheers!


WoolenSails said...

Usually on small pieces like that, I just do an outline stitching on the inside border. I have lots of tops that need quilting. I was looking at long arms, but a bit expensive and I saw pfaff on sale locally, but it is a machine on a frame, rather have a real long arm.

Love the folk art block, really nice fabric choices.


Unknown said...

When I saw the wall hanging I thought, why did she quilt it like this, then I read more and saw that of course you were not going to have it like this :) It´s a great stitchery. Your applique is gorgeous.

Libby said...

Oh boy do I? I just went through and made a pile of quilts that need to be finished. And these are just the ones within easy reach - there are more packed away yet in boxes *s*
I'll work my way through these, then assess the others. It's so hard to go back and finish when there are SO many fun, new projects to start!

Thimbleanna said...

Haha -- I laughed that you're questioning your quilting -- I've done the same thing. I try to be a lot more careful with my stippling now. And I'm not crazy about the quilts that are quilted to within an inch of their life. Some of them are really pretty, but sometimes it's just too much. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that folk art block -- I had to pin it!

Melanie said...

I have so admired the Folk Art Project...can't wait to see yours together... the black background is just striking....

Karen said...

I have the book for the Folk Art Blooms quilt sitting on the dining room table along with the background fabric. Love your block with the addition of the plaids.

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