Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's been way toooooo lonnnnng.....!

Life continues to be busy. I must admit, I love my work schedule. Five (5) days on (with a 2 (two) day break in there) and seven (7) days off! Couldn't ask for a better work week!

What have I been up too you might ask? Lots of quilting that's for sure. I did play some more on Penelope, practicing my feathers. They're coming along nicely! Not ready to put them on a quilt yet... soon with more practice.

I did finish a top that's presently on Penelope. I used some reproduction fabrics! I want to have it machine quilted before I blog about it. I'm presently waiting for some thread! That order should get here in a couple of days!

I did finish block 9 (nine) of Hocuspocousville! I love that pattern.

Meg from Crabapple Hill did come out with a new Halloween pattern called Vintage Trick or Treat. That's another one on my list of to dos! I love her work!

So many patterns so little time! ;o)

A couple of weeks ago, Libby and I were corresponding regarding our Kitchenaid mixer. We both love our friend. ;o)

We were talking/writing about making pasta. I was telling her about the special adapter that attaches to the mixer. Anyway, by the end of our discussion, I knew what I wanted for dinner!

I had to make some pasta! LOL

I just love fresh pasta and this special gadget makes it so much easier. Both hands are free to play with the dough.

I make my pasta dough using semolina flour that I purchase in Montreal. Nothing like that around small town USA. You can make it with flour, but I prefer to use semolina.

I knead my dough using setting 1 and then 2.

After I feel it is properly kneaded, I go through the various numerical settings to thin it out.

Once the dough is thin enough for my liking, in this case number 5, I pass it through the fettuccine cutter.

(PS. the dough should be extended as it goes through the cutter - I needed to get my hand out of the way for the picture and quickly extend the dough before it passed through). We're talking action shot! lol

There's also a spaghetti noodle adapter that comes with the set.

That night, you guessed it, we were having Fettuccine Alfredo! Yummy!

That was dinner!

Fresh pasta, fresh artisan whole grain loaf and a glass of red wine!

Yes, I took the time to bake a loaf of bread. Libby gave me the bug! There was a time, prior to my going to graduate school, that I would often make bread. I fell out of the habit! Now, I'm back on the habit! lol


Thanks for stopping by!


Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, I've lusted after one of those pasta makers. Are they hard to clean up? That's my only worry - gadgets are sometimes more work than they're worth!

Carol said...

YUMMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm on my way for dinner! There's nothing better than fresh pasta.

Yvonne said...

I was wondering where you were....thought you might be buried under bolts of fabric at the shop. :) Supper sounds wonderful.....glad to see you are enjoying yourself.

Needled Mom said...

Boy....does that sound yummy. I, too, love making bread. There are few things so satisfying as a freshly kneaded loaf ready for rising and baking. Oh....did I mention THAT smell?????

Pam said...

That attachment for the mixer looks great. The hand crank pasta makers are more of a two person job!! We have on made the pasta once so far but I think once the kitchen reno is done we will be making a lot more pasta - so yummy.

How is the store doing? Lots of fun I bet!

Libby said...

Oh you've pushed me over the edge and I made noodles today. I know for sure I'm putting the pasta attachment on my Christmas wish list this year *s*

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Nothing like fresh pasta, it's the best! Glad you've had some time to play with Penelope too...

Dixie Howard said...

The fresh pasta looks great - I love the texture of it. We can get fresh Asian noodles here which are yummy in chicken noodle soup. Love your hocuspocusville block - can't wait to see how you put it together!

Unknown said...

Yummy, mmmmmmm. The Vintage Trick or Treat stitchery is fantastic.

julieQ said...

I have the pattern for the embroidery Halloween quilt, have not made too much progress yet. I love your blocks, though! I looked at the Vintage pattern, and love it too. TOOOOOooo many want-to--dos!

Teresa said...

I am so impressed. Can I come to dinner?

Darlene said...

Looks yummy! I hope you're enjoying your venture!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

OMG your making fresh pasta??? Look at you go!!!!

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