Thursday, December 20, 2007

I'm off to see the wizard!

It sounds much better than "I'm off to Massachusetts", don't you think?

Today, we are leaving for Littleton to celebrate an early holiday with Stephen's family. I'm sure many you can guess what the French benefits are to this visit! Yes mam, to The Quilted Crow I go!

Which reminds me, I do have my gift certificate to spend! Yahooooo! I cannot forget that, can I?

I will also plan a visit to Candelite Quilt Shop in Chelmsford. They have a great selection of odds and ends for gift giving. I have been informed by my quilting bee buddies that we quilters celebrate Christmas on January 25th. So, that means I have plenty of time to purchase my gifts.

Speaking of gifts, Stephen's family is having a Yankee Swap. So this is the label I made for the gift.

I would show you the gift however, I do not know if my in-laws stalk my blog. You just never know with family members. They always tend to sneak up on you when you least expect it! lol

I have also made the same gift for some dear friends of mine. Nothing works more efficiently than a production line! ;o) lol I do plan on mailing those out after the holiday rush. Besides, quilter's Christmas is January 25th, right?

Some of you have inquired regarding that little Santa quilt under the pin cushions. I made that in 1998! The pattern is from a Debbie Mumm booklet called The Magic of Santa. Unfortunately, it is no longer in print. I had forgotten about that one! I have made another project from that booklet! I guess you can see it's been a good investment! lol

For inquiring minds, the black and white picture was taken in 1991 in a park on Gouin boulevard in Montreal. I used infrared film. I have worked tremendously with that film and just love the effect it gives. That's my little sister! We had gone for a walk in the park! Of course, it was in the days when I never left home without my camera. Gosh I miss it!

Thank you for stopping by! I just love reading what you all have to say! Have a great weekend everyone!


Anne Heidi said...

Have a wonderful Christmas Carole! Your infrared shot is really nice, I love infrared film as well- it gives really nice effects! Have a safe trip. Hugs :-)

CONNIE W said...

Wishes for a safe trip. The photo is stunning, so crisp. (I know nothing about infrared film.) It sounds like you have lots of wonderful plans. Merry Christmas!

Unknown said...

Are you going to walk there or who is it on the picture? Just a joke, have a great time at the shops and at your in laws.

Libby said...

What is a Yankee swap?
I never knew that quilter's Christmas is Jan 25 . . . good news for me. What I do know is how to make a quilt last for 3 gift giving occasions.
First complete the top, wrap and lovingly present to the giftee. After it's opened (with oohs and ahhs all around) Politely take the top back to quilt it for the giftee. After quilting and trimming, re-wrap and present it at the next gift giving opportunity. Once opened, viewed and enjoyed by all present - again *demurely* ask to take the quilt home in order to apply the binding and label. When the last stitch is taken, wrap the quilt once more for delivery to the special recipient. Once opened, bask in the glow of knowing you have created a treasure for your friend or loved one *s*

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I hope you have fun on your shopping excursion. I'm sure you will. I love that label you made. So cute!!
Have a Merry Christmas!!!

Sweet P said...

Enjoy your shopping trip. I got an email from the Quilted Crow saying they are having a big sale between the holidays.

Wendy said...

What is a yankee swap? The tree on you label is so sweet. Have a good shopping trip and enjoy the family.

Judy said...

Enjoy the shopping - what a treat! Have a wonderful time with family over the holiday! Nice picture......

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