Friday, October 19, 2007

Tagged! I'm it!

Last week I was nominated for the You make me Smile Award by Connie.

Thank you so much Connie for nominating me. You are so kind and sweet! Your blog and e-mails always make me smile!.

Speaking of blog, what happen to the French lyrics that go with the tune on your blog? I keep expecting Maurice Chevalier to pop out and start signing! lol

On a different note, I have been nominated by Darlene, another person that makes me smile, to list 4 (four) things about Me Me. Some of the categories, I really had to think about.

So here goes!

4 Jobs I've had

Book review editor for the Journal of Religion and Culture
Change Implement facilitator (A fancy title for the study of work habits in an organization)
Mortgage Supervisor
Cashier at Winn-Dixie Store

4 Films I would watch over and over

Thomas and the Magical Railroad
Nanny McPhee
The Polar Express
Santa Clause 2 (I love Santa!)

4 TV Shows I watch
Sorry folks, I don't watch TV - Does QNN count?
Linda's Longarm Quilting

4 Places I've lived

New York
Vermont (I didn't live there just owned a property)

4 Favourite foods

Seafood (Salmon, lobster etc..)
Pasta (fettuccine Alfredo, pesto etc..)
Baguette, cheese & wine (Oh wait, is wine a food?)
Chocolate cheesecake

4 Favourite Colours


4 Places I would love to be

Hawaii (just so I could get lei like Sharon)
Arizona (so I could float in Darlene's pool with a frozen margarita while I look at her beautiful quilts hanging nearby)
Indiana (So I can sit on Connie's porch and enjoy a bottle of red wine. Oh and I promise to bring my pasta machine for fresh pasta)
British Columbia (So I can visit with Pam and sit in one of those blue chair and enjoy another bottle of wine all while we look out of those beautiful finished windows. Did you dust Pam? ROFL And of course, while I'm there I'd visit Wendy, who also likes wine and Salmon. I've got a great recipe Wendy for salmon stuffed with spinach)

Well that's about it folks. Now it's my turn to tag. So here goes, tag you're it!

Have a great weekend every one!


CONNIE W said...

Carole, My Friend...I LOVE this full of fun, fun, fun!!!
And thanks for the're making me blush. (((hugs)))

Darlene said...

You always make me smile but today you made me snicker, giggle, chortle, laugh out loud and snort. LOL

You're a hoot! I adore you!

Pam said...

I think that sounds like great fun. I can get us fresh Spring salmon if you come in June and you can bring some good wine and we will have Wendy come - and I promise I will dust before June - LOL

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

It's such a treat to get to know one another better through these memes! You've lived such an interesting life! That pool and margarita do sound good...

Wendy said...

I can just see the 3 of us enjoying delicious salmon stuffed with spinach with lots of wine on the table. This would all happen on Pam's deck over looking the ocean.

I had salmon the other night, please share the recipe.

Nan said...

Love reading about you, Carole! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said..., salmon, baguette and chocolate cheesecake..... Oh, sorry, were we talking about something other than food? I get distracted. Cute post! ~A :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh nobody can get leid quite like I do. Sorry. ROFLOL!!! But you can sure die trying.

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