Monday, October 1, 2007

My aching body!

Stephen is on vacation for the week. Today, being such a gorgeous day, he asked me out on a hiking date! ;o)

It's been a while since I've been on a date with my sweetie. So, I dusted off my hiking boots and we headed south to the Adirondacks.

We did the Poke-O-Moonshine trail, which climbs an eastern Adirondack peak.

The trail is 2.4 miles round trip. Don't let the low miles fool you, it's very steep. You get quite the workout! Who needs a StairMaster when you've got Poke-O-Moonshine! lol

This is not a leisurely hike what so ever. You are continuously climbing upwards, winding around the mountain until you reach the summit. At times, you're actually rock climbing! lol

This is a beautiful view we were privy too!

It was a tad hazy today, so the colours are not as vibrant as I would have liked the picture to be. The view was breathtaking!

Once we had reached our destination, we had a little picnic! Nothing fancy, apple, cheese, crackers and nuts. It was enough to keep us well energized!

After our leisurely lunch, we headed back down the mountain!

Once home, I could barely move my body! I have not exercised since my surgeries and boy do I feel it! Nonetheless, it's a good pain, if you catch my drift! lol

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you are enjoying a beautiful Autumn day!


CONNIE W said...

What an awesome day. Would love to see that view!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful view. I'm proud of you for doing the hike. I'm not a hiker for sure. LOL I don't even walk with doggy and hubby in the morning around the block.

Wendy said...

Beautiful day for a hike. I haven't done any hiking for a very long time. I should get out and do it soon.

jennifer said...

how did you survive all those goodies
with no wine!!!! (yes i am rolling on the floor laughing!!)
glad to hear you are doing something besides wondering!!!

by the by -- how are those guild items coming??(reality check!!!)

Unknown said...

Beautiful view, good food and a good husband, what else could you ask for?

Kim said...

great view :) Looks like the mountains we saw last week near Cooperstown,NY.
My rug braiding frame is being built this weekend :)

Yvonne said...

Gorgeous view....glad you had a nice hike!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Great post, enough to inspire me to dust off my own hiking boots! Glad you had fun... Life IS Good!

swooze said...

I remember those views! I do miss them.

Nan said...

The best part of a hike is the view when you get to your destination, and this one certainly doesn't disappoint! What a wonderful day you had - sorry you had hurt so good when you got home!!

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