Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Welcome! A finish!

This morning I completed the hand sewing part of the binding. I still have a tad of machine quilting left to do on it. I just haven't figured out how or what I shall do on parts of this quilt.

I want to machine quilt a window outline on the door. I thought of a moon crescent, but Stephen said that it would be too "outhouse" looking. Perhaps a half circle would work with window panes.

There's also the roof that I feel begs to have some machine quilting. I thought of continuous up and down type lines. I'm open for suggestions and would welcome your input.

Although you cannot see the machine quilting, it does have a circle within a circle continuous pattern on the background. I tried getting a better picture but the lighting is not cooperating with me this morning! Perhaps I need more coffee!

Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment that did not go well. I left overwhelmed. So, I did the best thing I know that helps make me feel better. I went for some quilting therapy!

I headed for Loose Thread, our local quilt store. I perused the store looking for things that would make me feel better, change my mood! The LQS had a small basket of discounted fabric. I saw this beautiful yellow goldish Andover Fabrics and I had to buy the bolt. There was six (6) yards left and at $4.00 a yard I could not let it pass me by. This will make a beautiful backing for a twin size quilt for my daughter.

Today, I have an appointment for a hot stone massage. I'm in need of some pampering. As I get older, I realize more and more that life is short. Sure we all have trials and tribulations that makes life challenging at times. I've come to an understanding that health is the most important and often taken for granted and I do speak from personal experience. I truly feel that one needs to take good care of oneself. You cannot take with you so you might as well enjoy it.

So, I recommend that you do something that helps make you feel good, whether it's a facial, a manicure, a walk, buy a surprise for someone, whatever..... Just do it and enjoy life!


Joyce said...

I made a lot of houses on my jungle quilt and I quilted the roofs with that up and down line to look like fancy shingles. I think it looks pretty good and can be done in a continuous line.
I hope all goes well for you.

Melanie said...

Enchanting--- is the word I thought of when I saw your quilt. I love it. What a great 'eyecatcher' for someone entering your home. Hope your day improves--I have a friend that once told me...'If you never had a bad day, You wouldn't appreciate the good ones..." It seems like I've been telling myself this alot lately....

Patti said...

I like to quilt shingles on a roof - the kinds that are curved. Like rows of overlapping circles. I hope that makes sense. I think it would be perfect on this house. As far as the door goes, I guess I'm boring - I'd quilt a square window with four panes so it echoed the windows.

I'm so sorry to hear about your doctor's app't. I hope it wasn't something that can't be taken care of. Sending lots of positive healing thoughts your way.

Darlene said...

OK, first off I'm sending a {{HUG}} - I'm so sorry your doctor's appt didn't go well.

I love that fabric on the bolt - will be a perfect backing for a quilt for your daughter!

And, last but not least your "finish" is wonderful. That is so cute! I can't help much with the quilting on the door - continuous lines might be my choice!

You're right as we get older we realize the life is challenging and that we must take good care of giving in to whims i.e. a massage, a manicure/pedicure, quilting therapy, etc. Enjoy your massage today!

Wendy said...

I'm sorry to hear your appt didn't go well, I hope things will get better with time. Or maybe that hot stone massage is just what you need. I've had one before and it was the BEST!

The Welcome house looks really good. I say sometimes less is better, I must agree with Stephen.

Nicole & Phil said...

what about scallop roof tiles?
sorry to hear about the Doctors appointment not going well...I hope things will get better soon, I know things have been tough for you!
enjoy your pampering session

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

I love the quilt! Very cute indeed. So I hope your massage was good - and you are relaxed.
Take care of you!!

Greenmare said...

I hope between the fabric and the stone massage you feel calm and soothed and ready to face life.
I love your horse pasture quilt, pretty pretty! The wallhanging is beautiful. You could do a shell pattern to simulate old fashioned shingles?
take care

swooze said...

If it is night time quilt a crescent moon in the sky or clouds for the daytime, maybe a little wisp of smoke coming out of the chimney. I like the suggestion of tiles on the roof. Maybe embroider a wreath on the door or a door knocker and door knob. Whatever you do will be fabulous!

Nancy in MT said...

Sorry your doctor's appointment didn't go well, hope it's not too serious, I can tell you from experience with my husband, health is all that matters. I would also quilt a shingle type design on the roof, and I like the crescent moon, we have shutters, all sorts of old buildings with the crescent moon.

Anonymous said...

Dear Carole,
Thank you so very much for your blog.
I read it daily and hope that some of your immense skill and enjoyment of quilting will "rub off on me!"
I admire this skill(art) so very much but so far have not felt confident enough to take the plunge.
I knit and am working on a yo-yo quilt.
Any tips for a first timer?
Praying for your health from here in Rhode Island,
God bless,

Leigh said...

Oh Carole, big (((hug)))my friend. I have thought about your health issues a lot since our conversation. You know I'm here if you want to talk more.
I love that fabric, my friend used it on a quilt and paid $21 US a metre. which is slightly over a yard. She would cry if she saw it now for that price.
Take care and enjoy your massage.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Raising prayers for healthy days ahead. A day at a time, that's what I try to focus on when things get gray and dismal... making today the best day that I can and knowing that tomorrow will take care of itself. You quilt therapy proved beneficial, I would say! The house "Welcome" quilt is inspiring, good job. Take good care!

CONNIE W said...

I thought about you while in Paducah during a conversation with my companion about massages and taking care of ourselves, remembering some things you & I have shared in emails. I thought of you again when I picked up a bookmark type notice for The Quilted Crow. Hugs & Smiles to you. xo

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