Friday, April 6, 2007

Off for some quilting therapy!

Firstly, although I have not been blogging for long, I have met some kindred spirits. Thank you for your support. You certainly make blogging fun! It's now become a morning ritual for me to go around the Stashbuster ring and onward to my favorites. I am blessed to have such wonderful cyber friends.

Tonight I couldn't sleep so I watched the first two (2) episodes of "The Quilt Show", gotta love wireless in bed! The first episode was with Joe Cunningham. I never laughed so much watching a quilt show! Aside from the fact that he's an amazing impromptu hand quilter, he is hilarious! What a comedian! He does not mark his quilts and off he goes with the needle making various intricate patterns. The first episode is free so please check it out if you haven't already done so. You wont regret it!

The second episode was with Vikki Pignatelly, the author of Quilting Curves - Improvisational Quilts. What an amazing artist she is. I just love her quilts. They speak to the soul. She mentions that regardless of the "type" of quilts that you make, whether traditional, contemporary etc... passion is what makes the quilt. Without passion , a quilt has no meaning. I have to agree with her. What makes quilting special to quilters is that passionate part of us that goes into our work. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing the other shows they have lined up.

On the quilting front, not much has been happening. I haven't touched Carolyn's quilt for fear that I may not have enough fabric due to the cutting errors. I wouldn't want to croak on top of everything else. So the side borders are still pinned on! My daughter's horseback riding lesson is cancelled for next Tuesday so that should give me more time to try to work something out. Sometimes I get into this "cut twice measure once" mood and it drives me nuts. Can I blame it on my new Olfa ruler that 8.5 inches by 24 inches long? I had it upside down! argh!

I'll be thinking of you while I peruse The Quilted Crow on Friday. I can't wait to see what fabrics and books they received since the last time I was there, which was at the end of December. They always manage to have unique folk art colours (well that's what I call them). Oh and I wont forget you on Saturday morning when I visit the Candlelite quilt shop.

Happy Spring Everyone!


Darlene said...

Have a safe trip and a Happy Easter!

When you return you must post pics of all the goodies you purchase at The Quilted Crow and Candlelite. We'll be waiting!

CONNIE W said...

I have made that same cutting mistake by using the wrong edge of the ruler too! It's a wonderful tool - as long as it's used properly! :D
I definitely hope for some feedback on the quilt shop stops this weekend.
Have a safe and happy weekend.
Conni Lu

Pam said...

Have a wonderful time shopping at the Quilted Crow - I will be thinking of you with envy!

I cut ALL of the sashing for my large sampler quilt 12 inches instead of 12 1/2 -- I was new to quilting and they were 12 inch blocks, completely forgot the 1/2 inch seam allowance. And in the end I just made everything fit and then quilted it - you would never know it now. The quilting seemed smooth it all out

Sweet P said...

I like the Quilted Crow too. I go there at least once a year on my yearly shop hop. I love the tea shop next door too.

I love your With Ditch proclamtion. It was hilarious while being very to the point.

Gypsy Purple said...

Wishing you and your family a happy and blessed Easter

Kim said...

Oh, you lucky gal! I hope you took your camera and come home with photos to share. Have a wonderful time!

Wendy said...

Thanks for the fun quilt show link, I watched the free show and loved it. Have fun at Quilted Crow, I hope you will show us your goodies.

swooze said...

Hope you had fun! What did you buy?? We want pictures!

Jeanne said...

Sounds like wonderful therapy. I would also like more pictures of what you bought. Inquiring minds needs to know and might need to purchase. :-)

Anonymous said...

Drat!! I can't watch The Quilt Show 'cos Broardband connections in OZ aren't up to that speed yet. And I was really looking forward to getting back into quilt programs (none on cable out here in regional OZ either).

Double Drat!!

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