Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Thinking blogger award! Tag, you're it!

I have been officially tagged by three wonderful ladies, Darlene, Leigh and Wendy as well as mentioned by others for the The Thinking Blogger Award. I am truly honored! As I read their comment regarding my blog, I was touched. As I perused the nominees from these individuals, which lead me to other wonderful blogs to add to my already long list of "must read", it dawned on me how astounding this cyberspace world is. I have connected and made friends with some truly talented and inspirational individuals. As Leigh's husband would call them, "imaginary friends."

As imaginary as these friends may be, for me they are real, as I do think of them often. On my last quilting therapy at Candlelite Quilts I couldn't help but think of Darlene when I came upon a section of "charm squares". My first thought was, Darlene would know what to do with these. She is an individual that can do so much with so little. Oh, and we won't talk about the speed in which she puts out quilts! Her creations are magnificent. I then proceeded to look for the pattern of an exquisite embroidered quilt I had seen on Wendy's blog. When I entered The Quilted Crow I thought of Connie Lu and how she would enjoy taking pictures of the shop and reporting on it's content and atmosphere. As I continued to peruse the shop, Pam came to mind and her desire to pursuit wool applique. I have never met these individuals in person, yet feel a connection.

Having to provide five (5) blogs for The Thinking Blogger Award is no easy task. Many that I would have nominated have been mentioned in prior blogs. Perhaps that is due in part to our connectedness and our similarities as women who create. I will say that this is a great way to make connections with blogs that, under different circumstances, you would not have discovered. I have added quite a few sites to my already long list of must read as part of my morning ritual.

So I will leave you as I ponder in my sleep on the wonderful individuals that I would like to add to the already long list of The Thinking Blogger Award.

Keep well and happy quilting!


Darlene said...

Oh my goodness, Carole - thank you so much for the sweet and kind compliments! You've put a huge smile in my heart!

Wendy said...

I truly enjoy reading the blogs of my wonderful cyber friends. Thanks for the thoughtful compliment.

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