Saturday, June 8, 2024

Trip down memory lane .... Part 2

 My next stop was in St. Lunaire, there I booked a whale watching tour with The Dark Tickle Company. By the way, a dark tickle in Newfoundland is a narrow salt water strait. 

My ride ....

Me, all suited up and ecstatic for the journey ... it does get cold out there!

A site along the way. For some, a boat is their only means of transportation. Roads do not access all places in Newfoundland.

Roads do not access all places in Newfoundland.

Although, the guides had warned us that the prior groups that day had not seen any whales, they came out for us. They are such magnificent beauties, so graceful, so majestic. 

I love whale tales!

Another beauty!
I have the privilege so seen two (2) whales breach ... I was in such awe that I did not press the shutter fast enough ... 

And of course ... some feeding time.

Coming back to shore.

Thanks for stopping by ... Cheers!


Kim said...

What a wonderful experience! 🙌🏻

dq said...

I have never seen a whale's tale in the wild. Well, I honestly have only seen the ocean a few times in my life. It is crazy to think about a whole world of life under the sea. Beautiful!

WoolenSails said...

What an amazing trip and to see whales in the ocean, would be a fun experience, I hope to see someday. You are braver than me, a tent and no plans, I am getting too much of a planner lately.


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