Friday, August 31, 2012

Mini Vacation - Day 2...!

On the next morning of my mini vacation, we had planned a visit to a primitive style quilt shop owned by Peg Springstead called The Quilted Crow in Sanitaria, New York.

Gosh did I feel welcome!

The front porch!  How cute is that?!

At the end of the porch!

Say no more, I'm going in! ;o)

I could just feel the creative energy rising!  Oh my gosh, I could not wait to explore every nook and cranny.  On your left!

Turn to the right! Behind the threadle is the check out area!  Yea, I checked out alright! ;o)

The wool area!

For those of you into needle punch, she had some beautiful samples.

Another corner!

Now, I normally do not even bother with this but.... I just could not resist!

Check out the Loo.... how inviting is that?

Come on, tell me you cannot find inspiration in here! lol

For those of you.....

Who have received your copy of the Primitive Quilts and Project Fall 2012 issue, you will find a sweet quilt pattern published by Peg, the owner of Quilted Crow New York.

Turn to page 70 of your issue to find Sweet Pickins, a prim Pumpkin pattern.

For those wishing to buy a copy, Fibre Junction does have a few issues left in stock.

I hope you have enjoyed touring this wonderful primitive shop as much as I have enjoyed writing about it.

This little shop is now part of my "favourite" list.

Thanks for touring with me.  More to come as I continue my mini vacation!



Wendy said...

What a very welcoming shop, do you think they would notice if I moved in. This magazine has become my favourite.

Gisele Bourdon said...

Quand je regardais les photos, je sentais ,un peu la même chose que quand nous allons à ta boutique.
Je crois que tu était émerveillé.
J'espère que tu a eu deux belles
Moi mon congé c'était l'hopital, quelle grosse affaire.
Bonne fin de semaine

WoolenSails said...

Love her shop, wonderful building and decor, along with beautiful selection and samples.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm completely awed. The shop feels like heaven. Its so cool. Its inviting and feels like home.
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Unknown said...

I think I wouldn´t mind going there ;)

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