Wednesday, August 29, 2012

MIA .....!

Naw, I've just been busy enjoying my mini vacation! ;o)  It feels so good to have some down time.  The Shoppe Troll, as she lovely like to be referred, is managing Fibre Junction.  I could get used to this! ;o)

Where have I been you might ask?  Nothing exotic, that is, unless you consider Syracuse, New York, exotic! lol  We left early Friday morning and headed off to East Syracuse to meet up with Janet from Calico Gals.

Fibre Junction, along with 62 other quilt shops across the state of New York, are participating in a Row-By-Row shop hop called - I Love Stitching in New York.  Janet is the main organizer/brains of the shop hop and I just helped her a tiny bit!  ;o)

It was wonderful to connect! We went out for lunch at Joey's Italian Restaurant.  The food was yummy!  Janet is a wealth of information and kindly shared her business knowledge with me.  We did do a mini brainstorming for next years Row-by-Row shop hop!

Calico Gals were also hosting a quilt retreat, that we were invited to join.  That evening, Gina and I had a wonderful time, meeting new quilters and enjoying some down time.

During the retreat, we had the opportunity to join in on various groups projects.

This is what we chose to make!

Yes, wool! Have I mentioned that I'm hooked on wool? lol  Like I need more hand projects!

I enjoyed working on this pin cushion while getting to know the various quilters.

What fun we had!  It's amazing the topics of conversations that can come up in a room full of quilters on a retreat! lol

Thanks for stopping by.  More later about the rest of my mini vacation!


Vicki W said...

I'm glad you got a little break fro the shop. It's good to have some down time!

Needled Mom said...

What a delightful break it must have been for you. It is always nice to get heads together to talk shop!

The pincushion looks great and I am sure it is fun stitching with all the hand stitching you do.

WoolenSails said...

Sounds like a fun time and wool is fun to work with.


Darlene D said...

What a great little cushion, love it!

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