Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bought myself a new toy....!

If you've been following my blog from the beginning, most of you know that I, in a prior life, studied photography, a medium I enjoy tremendously.  With the onset of digital photography, I became lost!

I'm from the old school of photography, test your film ad nauseum, determine your ASA rating, expose for the shadows develop for the highlights.... hit the dark room and print away.....

I'm mainly a black & white gal ... a fan of the Zone System!  Ansel Adam is one of my heroes!  I just LOVE his attention to detail.

Would you believe that I have binders of negatives and boxes of prints?

I still have not decided what to do with it all?  I am certainly not ready to part with my printing & developing equipment.... sigh!  

But.... it has all been nagging at me.  It took me a while to process everything, but alas I feel I am now ready to take the plunge into the digital photography world.

My new toy!

I have a lot to learn!

I don't suppose my friend the 18% gray card will be needed.  I must do some research to see if she needs to be taken out of the box.  Ah.. memories! ;o)

There are so many questions I still have that are left unanswered ... but in due time.

It will be a whole new learning process for me!

I feel creatively inspired ... anxious to begin a new journey!

Thank you!


Needled Mom said...

You are going to have fun learning. Isn't it amazing how quickly it all changed?

Chookyblue...... said...

hey love the new'll find a great new relationship with this baby........have fun

Anonymous said...

I am betting you will love the advantages of digital. I was so intimidated by my first one but made the change without too much grief. Have fun!

Yvonne said...

Congratulations on your toy....I have the same one and I love it! There's so much to learn. :)

WoolenSails said...

I love digital, but I never was great with how to take photos, I just take them, lol. My BIL gave me his canon 5D Mark II and automatic is as far as I have gotten. I really need to learn how to take better photos, just too lazy to read the book;) Can't wait to see how your photos come out, I would love to see the difference in shots between Nikon and canon.


Val/senseandgrace said...

I am also a fan of Ansel Adams. How nice you got your camera. Enjoy your new toy! Can wait to see your photos.

Love your quils and embroidery.
Val from BWY

Anna Fernando said...

Hi Carol,
Thanks for visiting my blog. I want to learn how to quilt. Maybe one day. I learned how to sew last year and haven't had the time to sew this year. My job and blogging has kept me very busy. Looking forward to getting to know you in BYW 2.0

Anonymous said...

That is awesome!! I would be a Nikon girl myself except for the fact that my fathers old SLR was a minolta, and when they merged with Konica they kept the lens mount… and now that Sony bought them, still, I can use the oooold lenses.
Anyway, congrats on your new purchase, I bet you are going to have a blast. :D

Thimbleanna said...

Congratulations! And if you're an old film girl, this will be easy peasy for you. I always had a hard time understanding all that ISO, aperture, speed, etc. stuff -- I'd take lots of pictures, but by the time they were developed, I'd forgotten what settings I used or what I was trying to achieve. Digital has solved my problems -- Instant Gratification! Have Fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol, congrats on the new gear. Definitely the kind of gift I love-lol.

Good luck learning how to use it.

Popped over from BYW2 and I'll see you around in class,


StarletStarlet said...

Wow - congratulations on the new buy! I certainly cannot wait to see how you apply your skill to your new gadget - I'm sure it'd be so much fun!

Hello from BYW ~

eeli said...

Congratulations on your new camera! You will love it! I am so happy for my canon camera and as blogger I use it almost every day.
With the best, Eeli (BYW 2.0 fellow)

signoraaurora said...

Good luck!
Wish you lots of happy moments with your little camera on your new journey.

Anne Heidi said...

Oh my- just like I wrote that myself.... Playing in the darkroom was always my passion, and the zone system such a great "tool". I think my photography degree came a few years too early for the digital world. If one of my professors had told us this is how photography would be in 2012 we would have laughed....

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