Monday, June 18, 2012

The challenge of technology..!

I'm all for technology!  Let it do it's thing so that I can spend time enjoying life.  I certainly do not consider myself "technologically challenged".  However, my "new toy" is certainly pushing that boundary.  A clue should have been the countless books published on how to operate a Nikon D7000. lol  But, having said that ... I'm enjoying the challenge! ;o)  I still haven't mastered it's many features, but hey .... I can produce a picture!  Albeit not as I had envisioned, but a picture none the less. ;o)


My first attempt at controlling the backgrounds using my favourite subject. ;o)

What a gorgeous day it was, sitting out doing a bit of hand stitching with a refreshment!  I'm all about the glass! ;o)

Notice the "girls" in the background?  Another hobby! ;o)  There's nothing like fresh eggs!

Oh, and the entertainment is hilarious!  I do enjoy their quirkiness!

We presently have 5 grown girls and 4 teenagers .

On the quilting front, Fibre Junction has been offering hand dyed wools for the past couple years now.  I do love the look of it, but given the numerous hand projects I have going, I just did not think another hand hobby was needed.  Besides, I have a wonderful quilter by the name of Diane who does amazing work with wool!  The walls at Fibre are covered with her intricate penny rugs,  so why add one more thing on my list?

You can only handle gorgeous hand dyed wool for so long before you begin thinking about making something with it!.  I reasoned with myself; "make at least make one project so that you can help when Diane is not around." ;o)  Seemed reasonable to me!  Voila!

I do like how it turned out!  The pattern is called Sunflower Trio by Primitive Gatherings.  Am I hooked?  Pretty much! ;o)  All I need now is a primitive center piece!  Anyone have a decorating source for the prim lover that they would like to share?

Thank you so much for stopping by!  Hope you are enjoying a gorgeous day!  Cheers!


Pam said...

Hi Carole
I have been spending some time with Jim's camera - which is a Nikon D90 and I have found an online users guide that is much better. Ken Rockwell

There is the link for the camera that you have. He even has an Ipad app to help. We have been away on a boat in Desolation sound so my goal was to work some with the camera and I found his guide really great. So have a look and see if it helps.

I am going to try a bit of blogging again and maybe post some pictures of our trip.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photo, and I too love the subject matter. :-)
Nice wool project!

Needled Mom said...

What a great shot!!!! Love it.

Aren't the girls a fun hobby? They should make for some terrific shots in future posts.

Your wool project is beautiful. I best not get started on something new. ;-)

WoolenSails said...

Nice photo and wonderful use of light and shadows.
The sunflower piece is beautiful and nice, true colors with your new camera.


Wendy said...

Stitching and wine a good combination. The girls look happy running around. Love the new wool piece too.

Thimbleanna said...

Oh, you lucky girl -- you're going to love that camera. I'll second what Pam said -- I love Ken Rockwell's info -- although I didn't know he had iPad apps -- that's fantastic!

Unknown said...

I love the wool project you made.

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