Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What's new in my world.....!

Really not much!  I do need a hand project badly, so yesterday I proceeded to work on getting some blocks ready for hand embroidery. Off I went to work on this pattern:

Santa's Comin' to Town by Olde Green Cupboard Designs.  I just love their logo, don't you?  Sweet!

I picked this pattern because it reminded me of the old colouring books I had as a child.  Besides, I love Santa and this project certainly has a lot of Santas! lol

So off I went to cut out my blocks and get them all ready to be marked.

I choose a pattern sheet, place it on my light box and proceed to trace.

Hum..... this isn't working very well ..... oh turn on the light......


That made it worse because the designs are printed on both sides of a thin sheet of paper.

Okay, so I guess I need to photocopy these pattern sheets if I want to be able to trace it. Somehow that bothers me! I paid $20.00 for this pattern, you would think I wouldn't have to go to a photocopy shop to get 9 sheets printed. Sigh!

It's those little things that really makes a difference between pattern designers.

You know, I have a whole new appreciation for those little things that makes working with a pattern simple!

Thanks for stopping by!  Keep well!  Cheers!


Thimbleanna said...

Yipes! I wouldn't have even thought about that -- I guess I've never run across a pattern with that problem. I clicked over though, before I got to the end of your post -- it sure is a cute pattern!

WoolenSails said...

I end up tracing them myself and then retracing them, the bad thing about double sided patterns. I think with stitchery, it should be one sided.


antique quilter said...

its an adorable pattern but I agree with you 20. for a pattern then I still have to photocopy it
thanks for the heads up, it won't be going on my list.
maybe hunting for an antique coloring book would be cheaper!

Anonymous said...

You made a great point, for that cost it should be ready for use. I just started a free sewalong stitchery last night while watching the ballgame with hubby. I needed a hand sewing project for the game times.

Ruth said...

I have never seen them print on both sides for a embroidery pattern. Not good.

Nancy E said...

Sorry for the late comment, been traveling. Guess I will stick with Crabapple Hill patterns .... they are great! Can't believe it was printed on both sides, especially since it cost $20!

Quilts And Pieces said...

I would have expected it to be easier to trace too. BUT - I LOVE that design. I may have to do it!

MARCIE said...

As a designer, I know I would feel bad if I heard people were having a problem with one of my patterns. I am sure Gloria would feel the same. She is awesome. You should send her a sweet little note. Her patterns are wonderful!

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