Sunday, September 18, 2011

Talk about a good laugh....!

Donna from Chookyblue made a wonderful suggestion about placing a page translator on our blog. What a great idea! .

Of course, I have to try this gadget out!

So, I asked that my blog be translated into French and started reading.

Coming onto the post "Driving me to the Brinks," it could not translate the word "brinks"  (for the translator: Edge - like the guitar player in the band U2 ;o)

I continued to read and came upon the line, "there are quilters and than there are sewers."

So here is what the translator wrote in French, "there are quilters and than there are sewage systems"

I couldn't stop laughing!

The word "sewer" is "egout", which is correct except that I did not mean sewer in the sense of waste system but in the sense of a person who sews!

Hum... Although it is funnier as "sewer", I did reword that! lol

On a quilting note, guess what I'm working on?

I have just started a new BOM that Fibre Junction is offering.

I have completed 12 blocks so far! For a close up look, click on the block.

Let's have a little fun!

Since I haven't done a give away in a long time, if you can guess what the name of this new BOM that Fibre Junction is offering, your name will go in a draw for a notion holder.

 If you are not familiar with a notion holder, they are beautifully made by my DH, Stephen.  You may check one out here.

And ...... if you can guess which block I have not completed and your name is picked, I'll include an extra surprise!

The "give away" will close on October 1, 2011!

Thanks for stopping by and having a little fun/laugh with me!  Cheers!


Nancy E said...

The General's Wife.

Anne Heidi said...

Oh I love the translator- it can give you such a laugh!
Oh and I had to take a sneak peak- The generals' Wives- and it is gorgeous!!!!!!!
Hope all is well- I'm staying busy, we just had a weekend class at the shop, it was so much fun but I'm a bit worn out.....

Chookyblue...... said...

that is sooo funny..........

Chookyblue...... said...

how funny is that...........I can't read another language at all so I always wonder what it goes to.........

pam Doerge said...

The Generals Wives! I enjoy reading your blog.

Thimbleanna said...

Where is this Generals Wives coming from? I found Prairie Women's Sewing Circle -- I'm so confused LOL! Those blocks are beautiful!!!

Pam said...

The Generals Wives -- oh pick me! pick me!! I want a notions holder :))

The Generals Wives looks lovely - love the blue Toile.

Quilts And Pieces said...

I would guess that the BOM is The Generals Wives - and I"m pretty sure the block you haven't done yet is the center block with the applique stars? Oh I hope I"m right because I LOVE the notion holder!!!!

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