Sunday, May 11, 2008

What I learned at the seminar!

First, I want to apologize for taking so long to write the final part of this wonderful seminar. It seems that life has just been getting away from me as of late.

Back to the seminar!

When you check in, they hand you this amazing 123 page book that accompanies the seminar. It contains everything that will be discussed. In other words, lots of patterns and how to!

This is is a great reference book and even Stephen found it educational. Unfortunately, it's only available to participants and cannot be purchased.

Ricky's motto is Keep It Simple (KIS)! His quilts look so complicated but they are not! I cannot begin to tell you how inspired I was. I mean, I just wanted to go home and start creating quilts. But, I was stuck in a seat, forced to continue absorbing the knowledge that was freely shared by Ricky, Libby and Alex. Yea, it was tough! lol

Thursday evening, Libby gave the last talk and she had us in stitches. I laughed so hard that I was tearing! She is a hoot! I don't know if it's a Texan thing, but she is funny!

Afterwards, that's when I hooked up with Kathy, Trudy and Cheryl and we headed off to Fiddlehead Restaurant for dinner. The food was absolutely delicious. That evening, without realizing it, I had lost my beautiful silk scarf that Stephen had given me as a gift. Of course, I was still clueless thinking it's somewhere in my room until Friday afternoon when Ricky goes on stage and mentions that someone had left this beautiful scarf at Fiddlehead. So I went down to claim it and he said, "it's a gorgeous scarf!" I thanked him and everyone applauded! So now not only had I been know as the lady with a blog, but now it was the lady who lost her scarf! lol

Friday evening, Ricky had a piano recital. It was more of a story time accompanied by musical pieces. He did play the trumpet! I enjoyed learning about who he is, his childhood and how he came to be a quilter, all while laughing my head off! lol He's quite the entertainment and so talented!

Saturday was more learning and laughing! The attending guild menbers had a group picture taken on stage.

Libby Lehman spontaneously joined us for the photo. She's the one waving in the back! Hi Libby! I had such a great time!

I have to say that they were all so generous with their knowledge and with prizes. Ricky certainly gave a lot of himself and you could see by Saturday, he was tired.

Here is what I learned in 2 and a half days from Ricky;

Quilting Caveman Style
Convergence Quilts
Out of your Mind
Flip n Sew, Paper Piecing
Rhapsody Quilts
No Pins Precision Curved Piecing
No Pins Set-in Corners/Circles
Kool Kaleidoscope
Fear Not the A word - Applique!
Grand Finale - Machine Quilting Overload
Magnificent Piped Bindings
Binding the Quilt - all by Machine
Sensational Scalloped Binding (which he didn't cover because we learned other stuff - it's well explained in the book)

From Alex Anderson

Beautifully Quilter
Fabulous Fabrics

and from Libby Lehman

Sheer Ribbon Illusions
Potluck Applique

You can see, it was quite an intense event. Well worth the money I paid! And if that wasn't enough Bob Purcell from Superior Threads gave a lecture on threads.

I didn't buy anything worth sharing with you. However, temptation was present the whole time. Ricky's store had lots of beautiful hand dyed fabrics. They were gorgeous! Boy, did I fondle them a lot! lol

As you can just imagine, by Saturday, my head was spinning in knowledge overload. I would highly recommend that you attend a Ricky Tims Seminar! They did have a write up about this event in The Glen Falls Post-Star that you can read here.

Thank you for visiting with me!


Unknown said...

It sure is a long list, I am not surprised that you felt you were getting overloaded.

julieQ said...

Wow, sounds like you got exposed to so many techniques! Fun, fun, and overloading! I am glad you got to go.

Pam said...

It sounds like a fabulous workshops Carole!! I was looking at the link to Ricky Tims and I see there is one very close to me next August. Something for me to think about. Thanks for all the info.

Darlene said...

Wow, Carole, what an incredible week end. You'll be savoring all the new information and knowledge for a very long time.

Libby said...

I have seen Ricky Tims' 'entertainment' program a couple of times at quilt camp and enjoy his style very much . . . one day, I will gather the nerve to sign up for a class.

atet said...

That sounds like an absolutely incredible seminar as well as your MQX experience. Oh wow!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Carole, glad you had fun on your trip.
I hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day.

Ginger Patches said...

Thanks for sharing about the seminar. It sounds amazing--the binding all by machine sounds interesting...well it ALL sounds interesting actually lol!!
Glad I made my way over to catch up with you!

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